Crypto Market Outlook, March 29


Crypto prices were wobbly last week, both BTC and ETH closing down multiple percentage points. But continuing the recovery that began at the end of last week, both pairs are starting this week with a spark.





This pair has just broken a medium term trend line that formed from the previous ATH. If the bulls can make sure the pair closes above this level, it will be a great start to the week.


From there, the only resistance in front of all time highs is $60k. Ten handles down from that level is the swing low that needs to be watched if this breakout eventually fails.




Similar story here, except the trend line didn’t start from the ATH. If the bulls can keep the upward momentum going, $20k is next in line. But this will prove to be a tough level to break.


On the downside, $15.5k is the level that needs to hold to keep this chart bullish.




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