Trade digital currencies with Bookmap for free Bookmap trading platform provides intelligent visualization tools to easily understand the actions of all traders.

As a crypto trader, how can you survive in this challenging environment?

Bookmap allows you to discover liquidity zones that affect the price. Watch how market makers manipulate the market & predict price movement.

Supports all digital currencies traded on:


You are three steps away from clarity

More than 2300 traders are using Bookmap. Here’s what they say:

How much placement of your orders on the wrong price levels cost you?

And how much of your potential profits were taken by algos and market makers? It's time to fix it.

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24/7 real-time Market data via direct connection to the exchanges:

GDAX, OKCoin, BitMEX, Bitfinex & soon Okex



Trading supported on GDAX & BitMEX



Free Bookmap API allows development of connectivities to new exchanges, automatic trading strategies, custom indicators and more


Available upgrades:

upgrade / downgrade at any time using same Bookmap installation

  • Multiple instruments display

  • Record and Replay of market data and your orders

  • Trading Futures and US Stocks

  • Advanced indicators

  • Advanced education


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Bookmap for Digital Currencies FAQs

  • Bookmap chart enables you to see with amazing clarity the actions and reactions of market participants, liquidity concentration, and traded volume. Watch previously hidden patterns in market dynamics and make better trading decisions.
  • Connect in parallel to multiple Stocks, Futures, and Digital markets including Nasdaq, BATS, CME, Eurex, GDAX, BitMEX, Bitfinex, OKCoin, and many more....
  • No lag. No aggregation. No compromise in details.
  • Get free 24/7 access to market data of Digital Currencies.
  • Bookmap’s One-Click trading allows you to execute and precisely manage your trades.

Bookmap connects to GDAX, Bitmex, Bitfinex, and OKcoin. Not enough? Use Bookmap Connect solution for free to connect it to other exchanges and data vendors using Bookmap API.

Currently supported exchanges do not require an account to access their market data feed. Therefore Bookmap doesn’t require it either. You will need an account within the exchange if you wish to trade on it.

Yes. Here are some examples of Bookmap API usages: to:

  • Access to unfiltered & unaggregated full market depth data and your orders
  • Implement Automated trading strategies
  • Develop custom indicators on Bookmap chart & the indicator panel
  • Record and export market data and orders in any desired format
  • Develop connectivity to other exchanges or data vendors, and more…

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Yes, start Bookmap in the 2nd mode on launching pad and practice trading using a built-in simulator.

Yes, configure the connection accordingly selecting the “demo” checkbox where applicable. For instance, connect to the testnet environment of BitMEX . You can configure multiple connections to the same exchange with different names (e.g. BitMEX Data, BitMEX Demo, BitMEX Real), and choose which to connect to. Use 3rd mode in the launching pad for the Demo and Real.

You can subscribe to all pairs/instruments supported by the exchange.

The free Bookmap Digital package allows 1 data subscription at a time. You can purchase an add-on of 20 additional Instruments via your dashboard or upgrade to Global or Global+ packages.

Yes, you can record market data and your orders with Global or Global+ packages.

You can specify a larger tick (lower price granularity) than provided by the exchange. Bookmap will consolidate multiple price levels into one accordingly. You can also configure maximum granularity of the displayed sizes.


The tick size (or pips) defines the maximum price granularity. In digital currencies tick can be very small, for instance, a pips of Bitcoin is 1 satoshi which is just 0.00000001 BTC. Typically, exchanges set lower price granularity by using larger pips. Bookmap offers to specify even larger pips, consolidating multiple price levels into one accordingly. A recommended value is 0.01-0.1% of the current price. For instance, if the price of BTC_USD is $10,000, choose a pips between 1 and 10.

Size granularity allows users to set maximum number of decimal digits displaying the size.

Technically it’s possible, similarly as Bookmap consolidates market data from multiple US stocks exchanges. But prices of digital currencies may be very different on different exchanges. Such consolidation would lead to overlapping (crosses) between Bid and Ask order books. If you wish to suggest a group of exchanges with very similar prices, send us an email.

A useful alternative is the Bookmap Correlation Tracker Add-on which allows the display of real-time prices of other instruments as an indicator on the chart. Bookmap Global Plus is required for access to this Add-on.

Bookmap will attempt to reconnect each time you get disconnected. If that happens frequently, check your internet speed and stability. With low internet speed or with poor WiFi router, it’s recommended to connect your computer to the router with a cable. If your internet is fast and stable, disconnections may be caused by temporary problems within the exchange which last minutes or hours. If this is not the case, please report the problem to Bookmap Support.

Yes, but not simultaneously. Bookmap will offer to disconnect the previous connection once you launch it on another computer. Alternatively do it yourself via Help->Deactivate.