Accurate, Reliable, and Lightning Fast Market Data

OmniFeed, powered by Exegy, delivers an affordable and comprehensive data solution for Bookmap. Ideal for US futures and stocks traders

Bookmap WEB

Supports US futures and stocks traded on

CME Group

Gain Unique Market Insight

OmniFeed allows you to visualize the order book with incredible accuracy, get insight into large player activity, and access intelligent analytical tools to help you make the right trading decisions.

Enriched trading experience
with Bookmap & OmniFeed


Full market transparency

With Bookmap Global, view the entire market with amazing clarity:

  • Unrivaled liquidity Heatmap
  • Traded Volume via 3D Bubbles
  • Record & replay your trading activity

Advanced analysis

With Bookmap Global+ get add-ons offering enhanced insights:

  • Absorption indicator of high liquidity
  • See larger players in the order book
  • Imbalance & strength indicators, plus more!

Flexible Connectivity

Bookmap has access to global
data feeds & OMS:

  • Low Latency data from Exegy
  • Wide list of executed brokers & FCMs
  • Multi-asset coverage
  • Access to exchanges around the world

How much do you lose by placing orders on the wrong price levels? And how much of your potential profits were taken by algos & market makers? It’s time to fix it.


Equities Data - CTA A, CTA B, UTP, NASDAQ TotalView, and NYSE OpenBook/Arca Book
Only $84/month for the first 3 months*

Futures Data - CME Market by Order data
Only $59/month for the first 3 months*

Platinum Package - Both Equities and Futures data
Only $132/month for the first 3 months*

*Billed upfront as one single payment with regular monthly pricing (as seen in step 2 below) to resume after the promotional period.

You are 3 steps away from clarity


Install Bookmap


Add OmniFeed, market data powered by Exegy


Educate yourself and make better trading decisions

Choose a Bookmap package:
Real-time for stocks and futures
$49 per month
Inc. advanced indicators and one-click trading
$99 per month

In the era of automated trading, order flow visualization is the only way a human can compete with a machine. And now you have everything you need to beat the algos.

How to Get Started. New to Bookmap?

First, you’ll need to subscribe to either the Global or Global+ package by clicking here

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Next, follow the instructions below to get OmniFeed

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Login to My Account, select Add Subscription and follow the instructions to purchase OmniFeed

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