Bookmap Referral Program

Bookmap referral program offer payout for client referrals. The program is available for brokers, trading educators or providers of trading related services. Referral Partners may not present themselves as financial advisors or brokers working on behalf of Bookmap and/or Veloxpro Software Cyprus Limited and may not provide direct trading advice or recommendations with respect to any specific transaction or specific investment product on behalf of Bookmap and/or Veloxpro Software Cyprus Limited. It is the sole responsibility of the Referral Partner to (1) ensure that his or her services and referral activities are exempt from licensing requirement by regulators in the countries and jurisdictions in which he or she operates, (2) act in accordance with all legal, ethical, and acceptable business standards.

Overview and Terms

Referring partners will be entitled to 15% of the non-refundable payments made by their referrals for Bookmap Basic and Advanced subscriptions.

Referring partners receive a unique link to use for referring clients to purchase Bookmap software license. The link contains a cookie that will be assigned to a client reaching Bookmap with the specific link (assuming the client does not block cookies). A referring partner will be awarded payouts for any client that has completed payment while cookied with the respective partner’s cookie. There are no cookie lockup periods – the last cookie used by the client when completing payment is the one for which a partner will be awarded the relevant payouts. The same terms will apply to any client who stopped his Bookmap subscription and renewed it at a later stage – payout will be awarded to the partner whose cookie is used by the client at the moment of renewal, whether this is the original cookie or not.

A referring cookie will be kept for 60 days or until overwritten by another referring partner’s cookie. If no purchase has been made by the referred client during the first 60 days from receipt of last cookie information, the cookie will be removed.

Payouts will be given for a period of 3 years from each referral initial subscription. Bookmap reserve the right to stop the referring program entirely or with respect to specific partners at its sole discretion. This will not apply to payments received already referred clients

Payouts will be made by the 10th day of the second month following referral respective payment provided that referral transactions has at least 10 days maturity on the payout date (i.e. all of the previous month transactions will be included in the payout) and that the accrued commision is at least $100. In the event that the referred client has recieved a refund for a transaction for which the affiliate already recieved a commission, the respective commission amount will be deducted from one of the future commission payments

Application Process

To participate in the referral program please fill out the application form below. Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified (via email) of your status within 10 business days. Once approved you will receive credentials to access your unique referral links and payout reports

Referral Application


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