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Cloud Notes Loading... error

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2020 2:37 pm
by information123
Greetings all!  
I am currently trying to incorporate my own dynamic levels into the BookMap CloudNotes Column.  I am using a local path.  Forgive the partial obfuscation, but you know, 2020 and all, it is set as file:///(MYPRIVATEFILEPATH)\testagain.csv .  I just get the "Loading..." in the Cloud Notes Column.

The exact path and file works when I upload it to google sheets and drive, but that is a very tedious process and google kind of chooses when it wants to update which is not efficient or reliable.  Also, I make the .csv in excel which I have another data source feeding into for simplicity which presents another hurdle going from excel .csv to google sheets. 

It loads in perfectly when I manually input it into the custom notes tab. However, I would like this to update based off of my own algorithm which, as far as I can see, cannot continually be done in custom notes.  So my questions are as follows:

1) Is there something I am missing regarding the local file-path syntax in Bookmap?

2) Is it possible, without 1000 lines of code to get this Custom Notes tab to update more than 1 time per minute with a local file path?

Thank everyone in advance for any time given in responding :)  :D ;) :D


Re: Cloud Notes Loading... error

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2020 11:50 am
by AndreyR
Hi Anthony,
1) may I have an example of your csv file so I can reproduce the issue?
2) Sorry for misunderstanding, what programming language do you use for your algorytgm? You can use Python or PHP embedded webservers so you'll need significantly less than 1000 lines of code.