Bookmap SI indicator.... stop run calculation - MBO Data

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Bookmap SI indicator.... stop run calculation - MBO Data

Post by pwagle » Wed Feb 17, 2021 6:29 pm

Would it be possible to clarify beyond my current understanding what MBO data (Rithmic in case of Bookmap) actually shows at the order id level? I have always been of understanding it only disseminates native cme iceberg order id, PIQ, granular order sizes at each price level, 10+ book depth. I keep running into commentary, including by those that have built 3rd party addons to Bookmap/Bookmap affiliated "teachers" etc, stating that stop run plotting behavior is exclusively using mbo data. There is insinuation that it is utilizing unique order id from mbo data that can't be discerned from std mbp data, which as far as I know, is not an accurate assessment.  

I'm of impression: stop run logic (including SI Indicator / TTW Tradefinder) is using logic along the lines: ex. in user designated x time frame, print stop run notification if x number of price levels are traded through with x offsides bidxask. Ex ES in 1 sec, 8 price levels traded through 1000x200 (5:1 ratio)... = stop run print. 

With SI Indicator, as it is dark how and what you are actually calculating on the stop side... if not above logic, are you utilizing behavior of order sizes within entire que? Ex. Say 3900 bid is broadcast as 10 5 5 9 1 1 1 1 1 20 5 9...   next level down 3899.75 similar. If 3900 and next 6 levels below are wiped out at all same timestamp, or VERY proximal, including no and statically small displayed bid block pulls at the back of each que... this is the logic you are using to print stop run on bookmap? 

I asked about this in email when first signing up for MBO Bundle months back, but did not receive a reply. TTW Tradefinder "stop run flag" logic is clearly using mpb data as it keeps working on products like Bund (not MBO product).

It would nice if someone did a detailed video discussion on the Bookmap SI front. I've seen all the Scott Pulcini type videos etc, and it is a superficial understanding what is exactly going on under hood on Stop logic. Nothing wrong with that, he sees the benefits of it, as do I, but imo there is a need to understand how it works at a more granular level. Thank you very much for your time.