Please Help One-Click Trading Stocks with IBKR

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Please Help One-Click Trading Stocks with IBKR

Post by oldfashionedcara » Wed Mar 23, 2022 11:22 am

I have been trading stocks using the trade control panel and the one-click trading function on the chart and it has been great.  However, I want the old version of the trade control panel back as I don't trade futures and I just slows me down.  I asked support and was told basically that's just how it is now.  I watch JTrader and a lot of the other videos you guys put out and don't see anyone trading off the bookmap chart anymore.  The other thing that I've just gotten fast at doing is when subscribing to a new ticker I have to zoom in fast on the sliver on the left of the chart before it loads in order to inherit chart settings from previous subscriptions.  Maybe I'm missing some hidden settings panel, but if I'm loading a chart it would be nice if it inherited the settings automatically along with all the popups saying trading is enabled as that is all I do when I'm trying to trade.  Speeding up the time from subscribing to placing an order is my main hope.

The main reason I am writing on the forum for the first time is today I started receiving alerts covering the right side of screen regarding the price capping of my orders from interactive brokers.  Normally when one-click trading if I click to buy out of a short or sell out of a long it just hits the ask or the bid.  Now it registers as a limit order exactly where I clicked and I get the price capping order alert and no fill.  So I tried just using the hotkeys to buy ask and sell bid but still have to use the mouse to manage partial fills and capture better prices in the spread.  I'm lost as what to do as I've gone through the IBKR settings and cant disable the price capping notification that blocks the screen and my orders that do fill are slower and laggy.  Feels like my edge that bookmap gave me has been taken away, like playing rocket league with 140 ping instead of 40.

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Re: Please Help One-Click Trading Stocks with IBKR

Post by Helena » Fri Mar 25, 2022 9:35 am

Hi Justin,
Please specify which old TCP panel you are talking about? What exactly do you want to change?

Unfortunately, automatic inheritance of settings from another symbol is not provided. To copy settings from another chart, please right-click on the new chart and select Chart settings->Inherit chart settings from..

Regarding problem with IBKR - could you please send the screenshots regarding this problem to

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