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Rithmic ongoing issues

Posted: Sat May 02, 2020 1:46 am
by thunderkat
I wanted to update my saga, which I posted on another thread, but figured I would start a fresh thread.

Thursday, April 30, 2020, my Bookmap feed stopped mid-day during trading. Connection lost. Keep in mind, I was not logged into Rithmic dashboard at the time, so no dual log-on occurrence. 

1. I am not using a "broker", I am using Earn2Trade for my data feed supplied by Rithmic.
2. I was not logged into Rithmic at the time of lost connection, and had been connected until that point.
3. I was using the "production" version of Bookmap until that point

I read the email from both Earn2Trade and Bookmap regarding the CME changes, etc. 

4. Uninstalled Bookmap 7.0 (Production)
5. Installed Bookmap 7.1 (Beta) as instructed via the video that was in an email from Bookmap
6. Configured the connection as the video instructed. Rithmic connected in Bookmap
7. Attempted to subscribe to the instrument as a test (ESM0) just like the video.

This did not, does not work, and will not "subscribe". I have been trying to load the last day and a half. The issue is not Rithmic. I have tested connection to Rithmic on Sierra charts (no issue, connected and took a trade both on the sim account and the real account for Earn2Trade). I tested the connection on NinjaTrader, it also connected.

Bookmap's response was inadequate referring to AMP being the issue. I am NOT using AMP, and not sure why the support specialist mentioned AMP when I never mentioned AMP? Then I was told to contact Rithmic. 

The issue does not appear to be on Rithmic. I was told to ask for "Maz Session Count for Orders" which I do not know why I would need that if I am using only one single log-on occurrence at a time. 

I am willing to upgrade to Global+, but need some assurance that this issue is resolved from Bookmap. I am perfectly fine trading and being logged into a single occurrence at a time.

But it seems the API work around is not working as intended, and Bookmap is passing this off as either a Rithmic issue, or a broker issue. 

Either way I am stuck, and beyond frustrated losing essentially half a day of trading, which not the crux of the issue, the real issue is a lack of clear direction and guidance from Bookmap and what appear to be lame "cut and paste" responses. Instead of actually trying to determine the actual issue, it's assumed it must be on the side of the trader, their broker or Rithmic. 

It would have been more reassuring to know that support had eliminated all variables before just directing me to contact my broker, and Rithmic.

To say the least I am very disappointed, and as mentioned very frustrated. 


Re: Rithmic ongoing issues

Posted: Sat May 02, 2020 8:44 am
by Svyatoslav
Hi. I can't identify relevant support tickets, but your description (stuck while subscribing) is very typical for an account configuration issue.

Before we proceed, I'd like to point out that low "Max Session Count for Orders" parameter manifests differently - you'll just get kicked out of one platform by Rithmic server. The only thing that parameter does is sets how many sessions can be open (both plugin mode and "normal" sessions are counted; the only "plugin" mode difference is that  "Max Session Count for Market Data" is not taken into consideration - that's something CME would charge for, so avoiding increasing that parameter is the only purpose of plugin mode)

Now, here is how you can validate if this is a permission issue
- open "C:\Bookmap\Logs\rithmic-engine-log.000" with a text editor (WordPad, Notepad++ or anything else you might have)
- search for the symbol name that you tried to subscribe to, e.g. GCM0
- If you find a line similar to this:
1588253025.744000 [10824] [18540] : R | API+ : AlertInfo : GCM0|COMEX|get_order_book error : 13|6|1|13|permission denied
(key parts are "get_order_book" and "permission denied")
then this is how your account is configured. You need to go to whoever you opened the account with (typically that is your broker, in your case, I assume, that's Earn2Trade), show them this error and tell that 3rd party sofware does not work because of order book not being enabled for the account.
If somehow that won't be enough for them to enable data (even though it should) - send an email to them CC'in our support. Tell our support to contact me about this - I'll assist in further communication.

The fact bookmap does not handle missing market data properly is obviously not great, but until recently that was a pretty rare configuration issue, so we didn't see it that often. That being said, the only thing we could do here is showing an informative message instead of silently getting stuck - bookmap is still useless without order book.

If you do not find that line - send me rithmic-engine-log.000 via a private message (well, you can alternatively just attach it here - it contains no passwords but it does contain your login, so up to you if you feel comfortable posting it publicly)

Also I'd like to apologize for our support team - that's not how it should be and we'll try to improve it...

Re: Rithmic ongoing issues

Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 3:48 pm
by Effanzo_mane
I am also trying to use bookmap as a plug-in through RTrader pro with a Rithmic connection through EARN2TRADE. I can confirm that I have the latest version of RTrader pro with API plugins enabled as well as version 7.1 of Bookmap installed with my rithmic connection configured to run as a plug-in. I have also confirmed though my broker that my Max session count for market orders is 5 and my max session count for data is 1. I cannot get bookmap to load any charts.

I should note that my Jigsaw software and Investor RT are both working properly as plugins.

I would very much like to solve this issue as soon as possible and would greatly appreciate any help!


Re: Rithmic ongoing issues

Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 4:22 pm
by Svyatoslav
Could you please describe what exactly happens? So far it looks like exactly like the problem in the previous message (if bookmap stays "Subscribing..."), and if so you need EARN2TRADE to enable order book data for you. Please follow my suggestions from the previous message starting with "Now, here is how you can validate if this is a permission issue" and let me know how it goes (or send me the log as explained in it)

Re: Rithmic ongoing issues

Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 5:22 pm
by Effanzo_mane
Thanks very much for your reply. My fix was simply just to re-subscribe to all of the individual products as my previous workspace did not want to load. I actually did have to contact E2T to have them enable more max sessions for market orders prior to my initial post on here. I can’t believe it was that simple, but thanks for your assistance. I can confirm that I’m running Jigsaw, IRT, and bookmap all at once via plugins through RTrader pro on a single rithmic data feed!