Running SI Indicator and Liquidity tracker simultaneously

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Running SI Indicator and Liquidity tracker simultaneously

Post by Effanzo_mane » Thu Jan 21, 2021 7:31 pm

As an avid user of both the SI indicator and liquidity tracker pro indicators, I’m writing to request some improvements so that one can view both indicators clearly without one essentially blurring out or obscuring the other depending on the chosen colors. 

My suggestions are 1) to make it possible to open two separate panes on the bottom of the chart or 2) to make it possible to choose thickness of the indicator lines in addition to custom colors. I’d personally chose to keep SI indicators bright and thick while having LT-diff/bid /ask running in the background as much thinner lines that are still visible but not in the forefront. 

Thanks for  considering these improvements. Running both indicators at the same time currently is a bit of a mess and I find myself actually missing a lot of nuanced information when the lines are all over eachother.