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Post by IntheZone » Mon Mar 22, 2021 11:49 pm

I wanted to ask a serious question to the Bookmap team and forum.

I have had BookMap for a long long time and love using it but there is something that keeps bothering me.

I wanted to know if BookMap is ACTUALLY doing improvements and updates to platform/program or are they just purely focusing on the Bookmap Quantum API for Institutional traders?

I wanted to know if we are actually getting improvements on Bookmap by asking for them or are we wasting our time.

I need to know this so that I don't keep waiting for the simple addition that I need.

I only need BookMap to add Keyboard shortcuts for the FLATTEN button on Bookmap.

It would be absolutely fantastic to be able to do that at the speed of a button press >>> AND WE NEED THAT to be able to get out of a trade instantly when it goes the other way in an explosive manner in NQ, CL, GC and other thinner markets.

The community has been requesting this for ages and I have not even seen an inkling from the Bookmap team to add this feature.
 It would be great if we could set up the Hotkey as well because every professional trader has PROGRAMMABLE KEYBOARDS that can be set to any key combination.
 Flatten is absolutely important and Bookmap should add AT LEAST that one. >>>
 But there are 2 more features that are also absolutely important for trading and professionally scalping the markets >>> and those are MOVE STOP TO CLICK and MOVE TARGET/EXIT ORDERS TO CLICK.
 If we can add the ability to add the ability to move all stop orders to the current price of the cursor we could take trades and instantly lock in a profit with the stops OR INSTANTLY move the stops below some order flow event that just instantly enters the market.
Same thing for the Limit orders/Target Orders.
 >> The only question would be if the MOVE STOPS and MOVE TARGETS features should work on all orders or only on orders with OCO capability.
 I am assuming making it work with OCO would make it easier to do I think.... but also...
 ALOT of traders ( Including myself ) trade the markets with no OCO's what so ever. Just pure orders.

This would be a feature that would have to have it's own thread so people vote on it or the Dev's could send a mass email asking/polling the traders how to best implement/execute that feature.

Those last two features would be great but the FLATTEN+CANCEL ALL ORDERS button IS ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY THE MOST Important and Necessary.

I absolutely don't know why Bookmap being such an AWESOME AWESOME and FANTASTIC PLATFORM/TOOL still does not have a FLATTEN+CANCEL ALL hotkey that I can instantly add and program to my keyboard.
 Ideally I would like to chose it myself >> for my Other platforms I have chosen CTRL+ALT+9 for ClosePosition/Flatten.
 This is a MISSION CRITICAL type feature – it really makes no sense what-so-ever that Bookmap doesn't have it compared to the other platforms.

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Post by kb_trader » Sat May 08, 2021 2:45 am

There has been a 3rd party Addon to do this and more for almost a year. ... ution-pro/

or a simpler version... ... execution/

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