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Feature that would improve trader edge

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 2:35 pm
by IntheZone
I have a feature request that would improve trader edge.

I found that the Session Range Volume Profile SVP is a great tool to show incoming volume when we place a trade.

I know we can double click and CLEAR the column when we want to  BUT: 
it would be awesome if you could add the feature that is a check mark that says -- Clear column when new position is opened.

I would love for the column to clear -- when we open a position BUT ONLY a new position.

Not for every trade.

For example - If I go long 1 contract -- Bookmap will instantly clear the column letting me see the new volume coming in. 
If I add another contract long ( ie. Scale in 1 more contract )  it SHOULD NOT CLEAR the column it should keep the normal accumulation.

I would only want it to automatically clear the column on a brand new position direction not every scale in of a particular trade.

If I am FLAT and go long [ start a NEW POSITION WITH A NEW DIRECTION ]  -- it should clear the column.  
If I Scale in -- no action - just let column keep accumulating
If I go Flat - no action - allow to keep accumulating
If I GO SHORT and start a NEW POSITION WITH NEW DIRECTION >>>> then it should clear again

Again -- this would be awesome - so we can instantly see the new orders come in when we INITIATE A NEW POSITION.  :D  :D

Thank you very very much

Re: Feature that would improve trader edge

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 4:16 pm
by helminiak247
I asked about this last year