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Default Drawing Style

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2020 5:17 pm
by dpless01
Every time I want to draw a line, rectangle, etc. I have to change the line color, width, and type to my preference. Please add a feature like a "Save As Default" button on the Style dialog to save these settings to my preference so I don't have to change them every time I want to draw something. 

Re: Default Drawing Style

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 5:09 am
by BaconGlock
I'm not sure how the feature requests get prioritized, but I'd love for this one to get some attention. I thought that my having to keep changing the color/line-style of my horizontal lines was a bug I was coming to report, but a search for "drawing" shows that OP's request here is a common complain sprinkled several times over the past couple years.

I would think it's fairly easy to implement just saving whatever changes to color/style/size of the drawing tools was made last as what that tool's settings stay as until changed. You don't even need a GUI update or system to 'save as default", just keep the change I made in place for the next time I use that tool and then the only annoying/rediculous "feature" of Bookmap will be taken care of. This is like an hour's worth of dev time to save hundreds/thousands of users the 20+ seconds it takes to change every horizontal line they need to a color/size they can actualy see. 1px yellow was maybe the worst possible choice as a default for something to stand out in the ocean of th white/yellow/orange that is the heatmap's default color scheme...

Pretty please, do this.