API limitations for Dxfeed Stocks data.

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API limitations for Dxfeed Stocks data.

Post by farid » Tue Jul 28, 2020 9:54 am

Hi im new in the API and i need to know if invest my time in it would be usefull , currently im doing backtesting for stock markets , want to use the API but i read the next text in the forum:

""US stocks data
Bookmap is required to block the API access for dxFeed US stocks data. It's a requirement of dxFeed and US stock exchanges because API gives access to "Non-display data". For further information please contact dxFeed directly via sd@dxfeed.com.""

-Does those restrictions for DxFeed stock markets(Nasdaq and Nyse) applies for the delayed data? 

Basically i need a simulator , that would demands access to the orderbook and the poc (point of control) SVP, STC and SQC in "Y" axis and "X" axis , i mean , in "price" and "time" ,  no just snapshots for the orderbook.

Is it possible do that with the delayed data?


-If not , how can i use the API for DXFeed Stock markets??
-Which features can i use with the API (for real or delayed data)?

Thanks for your time and answers.

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Re: API limitations for Dxfeed Stocks data.

Post by eeee » Wed Jul 29, 2020 3:53 pm

Hi Farid,

The restrictions do not apply to delayed data. Note that you will have to sign a vendor agreement if you want to provide the product of your development to others. If this is not enough for your development then please contact support@bookmap.com for further assistance.


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