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Looking for developers to implement a Bookmap API addon? This is the place
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About this forum

Post by Serg » Tue May 28, 2019 9:09 am

Looking for someone to develop for you an addon with Bookmap API? Feel free to create a topic in this forum. It's up to you to decide which reward to offer the developer.

Only requests are allowed, do not create topics which offer services. We will consider allowing such topics, but in a different subforum.

These are personal contracts between two parties, the Bookmap team is not responsible for any potential misconduct, so please be cautious and do business only with someone you feel you can trust.

You can use private messages to share contacts with another person once you decided so.

Suggested format of a new topic:
  • Title/Job Description
  • Reward, e.g. money, revenue sharing, fame, etc
  • Deadline
  • Preferred contact method, e.g. PM, e-mail
  • Task description

The topic author can lock the topic if he doesn't wish to receive any new reply, for instance if the job is done.