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Programmer needed

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 6:32 pm
by Aragorn
Is anyone aware of any third party programmers? I have contacted two programmers and neither are interested in programming an API. It's a relatively simple add-on. It divides the day's trading range into Fib levels twice a trading day: once at the 5 CST open and again at the 8:30 CST open. It would need to "fan out" as the range of the market expands. Like this ES and NQ chart shows. Note how after the ES broke the Globex highs and lows that the Globex and Cash levels became identical. I'm obviously not a programmer but it seems like it would be relatively easy to do as you'd take the high and lows and find the 23.6 38.2 50.0 61.8 and 76.4 from the difference between the highs and lows and either add it to the lows (or subtract it from the highs) round to the nearest tick and plot it.