Looking for a Bookmap add-on developer

Looking for developers to implement a Bookmap API addon? This is the place
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Looking for a Bookmap add-on developer

Post by mateusz » Wed Apr 17, 2024 12:53 pm


I'm looking for a developer to create a very simple Bookmap indicator for me. I can pay for this.

All it has to do is to display two lines - high and low price of a configured period. Period should be configurable via the add-on settings interface, ie: period start hour, period start minute, period start second, period end hour, period end minute, period end second + similar input to limit until what time it should draw a lines.

It needs to handle up to 5 such high-low ranges per day. It should be possible to define different line colors for each range.

Rangs time Settings will be different for different contracts

Interested developers please post your reply below