How to report your Bookmap API issues

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How to report your Bookmap API issues

Post by AndreyR » Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:21 pm

Please follow these simple steps to report your issues. Doing so will avoid unnecessary questions and will speed up issue resolution.

1) Specify your Bookmap version and build number any time you report an issue.
where to find: Bookmap -> Help -> About -> Version ?.?.?. build ???
example: Version 7.0.0 build 14

2) Submit your FULL log if you have one. Attach it to your post or use the 'Insert code' tag.
where to find: your console or IDE console or *.log file at C:\Bookmap\Logs

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your log here

3) if you believe something in your code might cause the issue please submit your FULL code. Use the 'Insert code' tag.
If you do not want to show your FULL code at the forum please simplify to a point where you are comfortable with sharing it but the problem still exists in it.
where to find: your classes

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your code here

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Re: How to report your Bookmap API issues

Post by agan1337 » Fri Jun 05, 2020 4:54 pm

Hi Andrey

I want report BM API issue, but in your instruction above it is no information where to place report - I did here

ref. BM 7.1.0 build 40

BUTTOM  panel - set.Width(1); not working

It's perfectly works on PRIMARY panel
Thank you


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