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Restricted IPs list on Binance Futures while connected to a vpn

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2023 1:30 pm
by spankysh27
Hi, I've been trying to create a key and connect to Binance in order to trade on BTC perps directly from Bookmap, the issue is that Binance requires a list of trusted IPs in order to be able to enable trading and I use and I use a vpn 24/7, so they change all the time, I can be executing a trade, my IP changes and I get into trouble in a moment I need it the most, so my question is, has anyone been in this same situation, if so, how have you managed to work around the issue?

Not using a vpn is something I can't do, I need it to work, and I'd like to avoid having to manually add a key every day, the main use I make of trading terminals is the ability of not to log in to the exchange nor use their UI.

Thanks and have a great day