Crypto Arb Monitor

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Crypto Arb Monitor

Post by zcsoka » Mon Oct 18, 2021 7:17 pm

The Crypto Arb Monitor shows users when there are arbitrage opportunities in the crypto markets. 
The add-on is specifically created for the crypto markets, but can be used for other instruments as well. The add-on is not certified for DXFeed.

Before one uses the plugin, Bookmap has to be connected to multiple exchanges and has to be subscribed to the arbitrageable instruments on all exchanges. Since the exchanges offer different tick granularities, it is important to base all instrument subscriptions to the same tick granularity, namely 1.

Cryptoarb_subscribe.png (115.09 KiB) Viewed 179 times

The add-on automatically collects all of the subscribed instruments. Choose in Bookmap any of the instruments tab and add the plugin to it. (In the example below the add-on is added to the BTC-USDC@Coinpro). On the configuration screen the automatically collected instruments will show up. If they do not, please disable and enable the plugin again.

CryptoArb_Config.png (144.83 KiB) Viewed 179 times

Choose the other instruments you want to compare with and check the boxes. If you see instruments that you are not subscribed anymore, but had been used before, you can use the X button on the right to remove them.
In the Period you can choose how often the bids and offers should be compared. The shorter the period, the more computer resources it will take. 
To display spreads only beyond a threshold, please set the Arbitrage spread delta. When set, the Crypto Arb Monitor will display only spreads bigger or equal to the threshold. 

When the settings are done, click on the Start Arbitrage Viewer button. It will show the table in a separate window:

cryptoarb1.png (119.7 KiB) Viewed 179 times

The add on is available on the Marketplace.

If you have any issues or recommendations, please use this forum to discuss it.