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Re: BitMEX Adapter

Post by Don_Kandon » Mon Sep 07, 2020 6:38 pm

Is it possible to add leverage slider in bookmap bitmex adapter? Because now it is super annoying, having to log in into bitmex to change leverage. Also after a bit of time, it always resets to zero. So would save quite some time to be able to change leverage in bookmap.

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Re: BitMEX Adapter

Post by AndreyR » Mon Sep 07, 2020 8:14 pm

You can change it from Bookmap. You just need to load the BitMEX panel. Please try it first at the testnet to make sure it works for you (demo ticked in connection properties. You need to register for and create an API key just like for regular
Leverage is set from a separate panel.
Please notice: the panel does not work for 7.0 or earlier versions.
You'll have to upload the panel as a plugin:

Settings -> Api plugins configuration -> (default location for Windows)
C:\Bookmap\API\Layer0ApiModules\    *current version is
-> Open -> Load -> and tick in the "BitMEX Panel"

As soon as you press the BitMEX Panel button in the Configure Api Plugins window you'll see a slider which should be moved to change the leverage. Leverage value is shown in the plugin panel and in the top-left corner of the heatmap.
If anything goes wrong (you'll see a warning message or the levetage value on the panel does not match the one on the heatmap) please restart the adapter and the panel(plugin).

Please note:
1) even if the panel is unloaded the leverage does not get reset. Just to be safe you may want to set leverages to 0 before unloading;
2) Changing leverage from the panel immediately changes its value in BitMEX web GUI and vice versa.

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