Data Feed question after upgrading to Global

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Data Feed question after upgrading to Global

Post by mvm8 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 5:21 pm


 I just upgraded from free to global subscription. i can't seem to add any US stock/etfs instrument?

1)For US stocks/ETFs(spy,qqq etc) , do i still need to purchase dxfeed subscription? or does this mean i'm still logged in with the free subscription?

2) I already have a NT8 data feed for US Futures. I can still use this NT8 datafeed correct, so I dont have to buy rithmic or datafeed for futures data?

Please advise.


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Re: Data Feed question after upgrading to Global

Post by nick » Mon Oct 19, 2020 11:47 am


1) With Global or Global+ alone you don't have access to real-time data.  To get real-time data you should either connect Bookmap to one of Bookmap's compatible Market Data Providers through your Broker for free or subscribe to the DxFeed Data feed for stocks through Bookmap  with extra subscription cost. DxFeed data feed provides you with the full market depth of data.
You can subscribe to the DxFeed data feed in your account at under the Add Subscriptions Tab.
Please check this video on how to connect Bookmap to different data feed Providers.

2) Yes you are able to get the NT8 data into Bookmap, however most Ninja Trader data feeds do not contain full depth data. What we recommend for futures data to get the full market depth of data as well as the MBO data is Rithmic either from your Broker or from us. Please review this article here for more info.

If you need anything else we would advice you to send us your request at for more prompt service.

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