See the unseen

Bookmap trading platform enables you to see market liquidity and the volume with amazing clarity. Find hidden price patterns & make better trades.

So, what is Bookmap?

Bookmap trading platform visualizes the market via heatmap chart. It covers Futures, US equities, and Digital Currencies. Learn more on a free webinar.

Who uses Bookmap?

Bookmap provides full transparency into market activities and fits most types of traders. There are many ways to utilize the platform and improve your trading.

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Day Traders

Working a position for the day?
See market liquidity and the volume traded with amazing clarity. Gain insights to future price moves.

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Grabbing a few points several times a day?
Refine entry & exit points for certain trade scenarios. Quickly see if size traded or pulled

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Swing Traders

Looking to hold a position for several days?
Identify specific behavior of larger players and algos
Don’t get shaken out of trades by well-known activities such as spoofing

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Algo, Quants & HFT

Running several automated strategies?
Get extremely precise data, see how your algos are performing and identify market makers behaviour.

Get an Edge in the Markets


Liquidity Heatmap

What is it?
A record of the depth of market (DOM) plotted onto the historical chart

What do you get?
Both the current and historical DOM. in other words, see the dynamic of market liquidity


Precise Volume Data

What is it?
Every market transaction is displayed in a readable manner, down to the nanosecond.

What do you get?
Precise non aggregated aggressor volume displayed exactly when and where it transacted.


Optimized Entries & Exits

What is it?
Trade from the DOM or directly on the chart.

What do you get?
Easily front run high liquidity, hide your stops behind larger limit orders, and manage trades according to liquidity levels in the historical DOM.


Proprietary Indicators

What is it?
An array of studies developed specifically for order flow analysis.

What do you get?
Use icebergs, imbalances and other studies to identify order flow phenomena, algo activity, and larger players.


Automated Strategies API

What is it?
Access or write your own indicators and algos in Bookmap’s API.

What do you get?
Includes 3 algos for trade execution optimization.


Record and Replay Data

What is it?
A robust environment to precisely replay your trading session after the market closes.

What do you get?
Ability to debrief your trading activity, enhance your execution skills, test and develop new strategies.


Speed and Performance

What is it?
Exceptional speed and performance, handled by Bookmap’s Complex Event Processor.

What do you get?
Fast and precise display of millions of data points plotted within an intuitive graphical user interface.


Historical Data

What is it?
Up to 24 hours of full depth of market historical data.

What do you get?
Open up Bookmap and immediately get recent historical full depth of market data plotted on the chart.


Meet the demands of modern trading with simultaneous connectivity to multiple markets and data providers.

Futures Connectivity

Connect to 12 data providers and brokers. Receive one hour of free historical full depth data.

US Equities

Connect to all US Equities with Nasdaq Total View, Nasdaq Last Trade and CBOE / EDGX full depth. Includes 24 hours of historical full depth data. Learn more

Digital Currencies

Connect to GDAX, Bitmex, Bitfinex & OKCoin exchanges. Trade all digital currencies offered by GDAX and Bitmex, Includes 48 hours of historical full depth data.

Data Connectivity & OMS

Need a data feed?

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Some good words about Bookmap

Read what Bookmap users say about the platform. Or write your own review.


Packages and their Pricing

Choose the package that best fits your trading needs



  • Supports Digital Currencies
  • GDAX, Bitmex, Bitfinex and OKCoin connectivity
  • Full market depth heatmap
  • Order flow visualization
  • One click trading in simulation
  • US Equities delayed data
  • Basic Education




All Digital features

  • Real time one-click trading on GDAX & Bitmex
  • Full depth historical data
  • Record and Replay
  • Multiple instruments display
  • Advanced Education

$29 per month


All Digital+ features

$39 per month



All Global features

  • One-click live trading
  • Large lot tracker
  • Imbalance indicators
  • Iceberg tracker
  • Correlation tracker
  • Advanced Education

$79 per month

Can’t decide which package is right for you??

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