Display Orders queue in Trading DOM Bid, Ask, DEPTH columns Totals in non Extended mode

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Display Orders queue in Trading DOM Bid, Ask, DEPTH columns Totals in non Extended mode

Post by kobalt » Sun Nov 13, 2022 8:18 pm

Some elements of COB that could be added to DOM Bid Ask, to replace COB when using the Trading DOM.
Next to already displayed Large lots: (white vertical)
-Display your Orders queue (blueish vertical) 

(Pretty useful to see  'will bump to front of cue  / spoof / shuffling grid levels'. are eager to push non native volume (you) to the front or vv when they start working against you in the other way, prevent fills that help you by not frequently 'blinking' cancel replacing or just move in front..

We already have demo strategies for this.. 
But for further integration with these, how could I Get:  Orders que in %
Perhaps more usefull time untill moved to front (level is eager to fill you)
by a cancel, replace large lot to bump you to front treshold to use in a custom strategy to get busy with the CHASE ESCAPE EXECUTE  examples?

-Add use Extended / Set maximal depth wherever it is useful:
-for Bid Ask colums when not using Extended can we show the SUM that works so nicely with Quotes ∆ +-?
Current colums that show it: Bid Ask volumes in COB, total removed added in Quotes∆ +-:

Can the font sizes of individual columns be adjusted? I like how the Totals already are a bit bigger but (I really need to get some glasses ;)
Perhaps if a side is negative give the cell a red outline, positive green So you at a glance see where things are added, pulled?
Like included screen

For Bid Ask in COB Add a Bid Ask ∆ result  (can be below Bid result and above Ask result.

If theres an imbalance on Ask (Ask-Bid is positive) cell outline is green above the Ask and Red below the Bid levels total
Would give a nice subtle enancement to +/- net results

These are not requests, but suggestions.
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