Welcome to Bookmap Connect solution incubator! (sticky post)

The incubator where new adapters being born under Bookmap Connect solution. Suggest, discuss, contribute...
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Welcome to Bookmap Connect solution incubator! (sticky post)

Post by Serg » Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:17 pm


If you haven't read yet, here is a collection of useful resources related to development of new adapters.

Here is a little reminder about the requirements for new adapters projects. Unlike Bookmap Quant solution, Bookmap Connect solution is free. But it must meet the following criteria:
  • The target connection must be available for anyone, not just the developer of the adapter.
  • The adapter must be developed as an open source public project such as GitHub.
Development of new adapters requires an access to Layer Zero API. Users can self-enable it by visiting their dashboard on Bookmap website {will become available during July 2018}. Once an adapter is developed, Bookmap team will review it, test, certify, build, and sign. Then a corresponding topic will be created under Bookmap Connect solution forum which contains operational adapters, and all Bookmap users will be able to import the adapter and use it without the need to access Layer Zero API.

Create a new topic here if you wish to propose for others to develop a new adapter or to start a new project yourself. If you start a new project, please describe the purpose of it, the target connection, and basic development milestones. Typically, the first stage is connectivity to market data, and the next stage is supporting trading capabilities. If you already started a project please include link to it. In other words, promote your project or an idea. Other traders may decide to contribute to its development.

Once it becomes an ongoing project, your topic will migrate to corresponding sub-forum. For instance, if you develop an adapter to XXX exchange, the topic will appear under the forum Board index -> Bookmap API -> Bookmap Connect Incubator -> XXX.

If you wish to contribute to an ongoing project, request an access from the project owner.

If you didn't like how an ongoing project is done, feel free to create your own adapter project to the same target connection. Bookmap team embraces competition and will not prevent multiple projects for the same target connection.

Feel free to post here your questions and remarks.

Bookmap team

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Re: Welcome to Bookmap Connect solution incubator! (sticky post)

Post by zcsoka » Fri Jun 19, 2020 10:46 am


Do I understand that right, that the market data connections must be open source and cannot be sold as commercial plugins?

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