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The incubator of Bookmap adapter(s) to BitMEX exchange. May contain number of ongoing projects
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Re: BitMEX Adapter

Post by AndreyR » Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:19 pm

Hi everyone,
Please update the adapter to version. Besides having some issues fixed the new version is capable of setting leverage.
Unfortunately setting leverages works from 7.1 version of Bookmap and does not with 7.0 or older.
Leverage is set from a sepatare panel. You'll have to upload it as a plugin:

Settings -> Api plugins configuration -> (default location for Windows)
-> Open -> Load -> and tick in the "BitMEX Panel"

As soon as you press the BitMEX Panel button in the Configure Api Plugins window you'll see a slider which should be moved to change the leverage. Leverage value is shown in the plugin panel and in the top-left corner of the heatmap.
If anything goes wrong (you'll see a warning message or the levetage value on the panel does not match the one on the heatmap) please restart the adapter and the panel(plugin).

Please note:
1) even if the panel is unloaded the leverage does not get reset. Just to be safe you may want to set leverages to 0 before unloading;
2) Changing leverage from the panel immediately changes its value in BitMEX web GUI and vice versa.

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