Cumulative Delta represented by candlesticks

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Cumulative Delta represented by candlesticks

Post by bricolico » Fri Aug 11, 2023 1:00 pm

Hello team and group. I'd like to submit an idea pls, if I may.

I'm currently trading with few platform and tools and one of my platform has a CVD represented with candlesticks and I must admit it is a real game changer when trading. Having a simple line like Bookmark has could be interesting to see divergence but not point of entry. As a daytrader, speed is very important and I'd really like to know when a trend is about to reverse and at some time, the CVD goes positive on a red candle on the chart, that could potentially means a reversal point. Cant see that with a line chart when trading something with high volume like GOOG, TSLA, MSFT or others Big Cap. names. The line barely move when adjusted in minute chart.

I hope I'm not asking to much but as a coder myself, I wouldnt think that it could be very hard to add, as candlesticks are already part of Bookmark, so, very few coding to do.

The CVD configuration window could have a new GroupBox with 2 radio buttons, one for a line chart, one for a Candlestick chart.

The calculation of each candle would be the same as a OHLC but for CVD data.

Thanks for time taken to read my idea and if you like the idea, pls, support by responding to this message.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day/weekend!!!