Is there a way to export and import settings

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Is there a way to export and import settings

Post by ChuckBanger » Sat May 02, 2020 11:44 am

I want to reinstall Bookmap because my disk space on C: is not enough. Sometime when i run bookmap for longer sessions my 30 gig free space i have on C is eaten. I have 100 gig of space free on another SSD so i want to move Bookmap there.

And i don't want to do all the settings again. Is there a way to export and import settings??? I'm maybe blind but I'm not finding it.

Or is it possible to change where BookMap stores the feed data or cache or what ever it is that eating my disk space?

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Re: Is there a way to export and import settings

Post by AndreyR » Tue May 05, 2020 10:05 am

Hi ChuckBanger,
some options:
configuration files are stored in 'Bookmap\Config' folder. If you:
- backup this folder (and optionally Feeds and API folders if you need your recorded feeds and external adapters).
- uninstall Bookmap
- delete the old Bookmap folder (you already have a config backup, right?)
- and copy your backed-up Config folder into its new location
there's a great chance a lot of your your settings will be imported successfully (some settings like saved workspaces will always be lost and you'll have to run them manually).
link folders
A good thing about this one is you don't have to reinstall Bookmap.
if your drives have the NTFS file system you can use 'NTFS junctions'. Create new Feed and Cache folders at any hard drive and link them to the old folders. Before making any jucntions make sure you've backed up these folders' content. Read this guide for further instructions: ... -or-linux/

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