What are you missing with Candlestick charts?

The first image is what we see in traditional candlestick charting, the candles alone. With the Bookmap Historical Heatmap, Volume Dots, Volume Bars, and Best […]

Don’t trade blindfolded.

This first image displays what a traditional 15-minute candlestick chart shows. This is why some traders study candlestick patterns, because there is no further information […]


Collision, push through, retest from other side, continue in prior direction. REPEAT. A collision is an area of acceptance where buyers and sellers have come […]

2017-07-28 Bookmap Live Order Flow – Fri

Free live market webinars every weekday with Bruce. Learn how to read order flow and enhance your trading decisions. Look for next week’s registration link […]


What goes into the making of a candle? Here’s an image of all of the ingredients. Timeframe isn’t important as the market is fractal, but […]


Across all different markets we often see the same phenomena. Here is an example of $AAPL with a collision at $153.50 (high liquidity on the […]

$TSLA Expectation and Follow-through

In the first screenshot (taken just after 10:12 AM ET), we see aggression from buyers as they “collided” or took all of the liquidity offered […]

Bookmap Education Course Pt 4

In this fourth and final video in the Education Course series, Bruce Pringle goes through Advanced Applications of the Bookmap software.

Bookmap Education Course Pt 3

In this third video of the Bookmap Education series, Bruce discusses reading Order Flow and Structure and takes a look at how a trader can […]