$PTCT Orderbook imbalance

Heavy offers just above price as we see Book Imbalance: -59% and Volume Imbalance: -56%

$AAPL Auctioning for more buyers

In this example, $AAPL opened up and tested lower, sellers taking all liquidity offered on bid at 155.85 (aggression). On two retests sellers were unable […]

$AMZN Orders reloading on offer

As price flushed through the key $990 level and continued lower, we see orders begin to add back in. This can be observed by the […]

$FLXN Seller collisions, retest, continuation lower.

$FLXN Sellers in control w/ collisions – retest – continue lower. Expecting flush through 28~ area. $FLXN resolving to the downside, looking to test 27 […]

Price Action & Order Flow

Good example of common market phenomena while reading price action and order flow ($BBRY).

Ferran Font Ramentol – Bookmap Pro Trader Webinar – Sept 22, 2017

Yet another incredible video from the Pro Trader Webinar series in September. Ferran Font Ramentol is a well-established and highly respected trader who has been […]

Consolidation – Retest – Continuation

Common market order flow phenomenon, displayed here on the CME Russell 2000 futures.

FuturesTrader71 (FT71) – Pro Trader Webinar Series – Sept 21, 2017

Trade Execution and Control Using Order Flow In yet another stellar webinar from Morad Askar AKA “FuturesTrader71″, he explains what he calls the “Holy Grail […]

Jean Marc Soulieu – Pro Trader Webinar – w/ Translation

This video is from the September 20th, 2017 Bookmap Professional Trader Webinar Series featuring Jean Marc Soulieu. *video is in French with English translation