Quotes Counter Column – Practical Uses

The Quotes Counter Column displays the number of quotes refreshed at each price for either the session (SQC) or for the chart range on the […]

Trading Correlated Markets

In Bookmap 6.1 you can overlay other markets on top of the product you are trading. This can help to understand the relationships between the […]

Connecting to Multiple Feeds

This is a short video on how to connect to US equities with dxFeed while also connected to your futures data.

Cumulative Volume Delta Indicator

The CVD is a measure of aggressive market buyers against aggressive market sellers. It can be an indication of the strength of a price move, […]

Correlation Tracker

The correlation tracker is one of the many new features in Bookmap 6.1.


Live Order Flow Webinars Weekdays @ 11 AM ET

Join us at 11 AM ET each morning as Bruce walks through the reading of the current order book configuration on a variety of products, […]

$UGAZ Resting Paper

Next key areas of liquidity expected to be tested above: 15.25 and ~15.38.

“Why does liquidity appear difuminated in stocks?”

Each instruments has its own minimal price increment (aka pips or tick) that differentiate price levels. For example it’s 0.25 in ES future, but 0.01 […]

$AMZN Absorption and Exhaustion

This short, five-minute video walks through market order flow phenomena as seen in the new Bookmap 6.1 for equities.

Lewis Borsellino – Goosing the Market

In this quick tutorial, infamous trader Lewis Borsellino explains how he uses Bookmap order flow software to enhance his trading decisions. Click the link below […]