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Exclusive access to real-time, full-depth MBO (market-by-order) data directly from CME.

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Welcome to BookmapData CME
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Why Choose BookmapData?

Full-depth MBO Data

Full-depth MBO Data

This full-depth visibility with MBO (market-by-order) data offers enhanced clarity and insights into market participant behavior, facilitating informed strategic decisions.

Low Latency

Low Latency

Data delivered from exchange co-located servers

Longer Historical Data

Longer Historical Data

Receive updates from CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, with up to 48 hours of backfill data.

Fully compatible with all Bookmap add-ons.

Fully compatible with all Bookmap add-ons.

Pricing That Makes Sense


Equities & Forex

(ES, NQ, etc.)

17$ First Month for any of four exchanges


Standard Rate (Per Month)


Interest Rates

(Dow Jones, Bonds,etc.)

17$ First Month for any of four exchanges


Standard Rate (Per Month)



(Crude Oil, Natural Gas, etc.)

17$ First Month for any of four exchanges


Standard Rate (Per Month)



(Gold, Silver, etc.)

17$ First Month for any of four exchanges


Standard Rate (Per Month)

CME Bundle Offer




Per Month (discounted monthly bundle rate)

17$ First Month for any of four exchanges

*Pricing is for non-professional traders. Professional trader pricing is available in the FAQs.

How to Start


Get Bookmap Global or Global+ package.


Log in and Get BookmapData.


Restart Bookmap & connect automatically to BookmapData.


Easily subscribe to instruments with the ‘+’ button.

Performance & Reliability

Data at Your Fingertips

Thousands of updates per second for real-time decision-making.

99.99% uptime guarantees reliable access.

Backfill data up to 48 hours for historical analysis.

23/5 support to assist when you need it.

What are you waiting for?

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Don't Miss Out on the Market's Full Picture

  • BookmapData CME provides a unique edge with its real-time, full-depth market data.
  • Designed for traders seeking detailed market insights for better decision-making.
  • With support for a wide range of instruments and exchanges, the possibilities are endless.
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FAQs and Support

Bookmap is a direct data provider; getting data directly from the CME group. Bookmap does not provide brokerage services.
ES, NQ, among many others. Please take a look at the symbols table for a full list.
BookmapData requires a Global / Global+ package. Log in and get BookmapData here.
Yes, with broker support for platforms like Rithmic, Tradovate, CQG, Tradestation, InteractiveBrokers, and GainFutures for cross-platform trading. Please watch this video guide for more information.
BookmapData offers:
  • MBO/full-depth support,
  • Longer history/backfill data,
  • High-quality data,
  • Attractive pricing,
  • Direct support
  • And a simple connectivity process.
Additionally, it is fully compatible with all Bookmap add-ons, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced trading analysis capabilities.
Yes, it will automatically renew after the first month.
For the first month only.
Yes, but data prices dictated by the exchanges are higher: $159/mo per exchange, $599/mo for the bundle of four CME exchanges. Use the link to subscribe.
Reach out to or through our live chat on the website. You can also join our dedicated Discord channel to get live updates and connect with fellow traders.
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