A Trader’s Story: The tool that “will give retail traders a fighting chance”


I am a Futures trader, currently trading during the EUREX open and I usually transact in the BUND, DAX and EUROSTOX50. Recently, I began to research crypto as a viable option for day trading, due to its volatility and ease of moving funds around.


Unfortunately, my usual tools weren’t up for the job. I did a few web searches for platforms that offer Orderflow solutions for Cryptos and found several providers. Bookmap was highly recommended so I decided to subscribe for a month and see if I could read the tape with Bookmap.


Surprisingly, not only can I read the market well, but I also found that it has

the added advantage of leaving historical data! Bookmap allows users to see the historical depth and previous market trades, spotting key areas and potential reversals are much more pleasant with Bookmap.


With Bookmap, I no longer need the Footprint chart and the DOM as separate tools because it combines it all into one. Previously, I had to reset trades data as the market approached my area of interest. With Bookmap the information is recorded and if I want to focus on the most recent action, all I have to do is scroll the charts and focus on the current trades.


I think Bookmap may be the only tool on the market that will give retail/home institutional traders a fighting chance against algorithms employed by the conglomerates.



– Albert, Bookmap Trader


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