Crypto Market Outlook, 26th October

BTCUSD suffered a minor retracement after breaking all time highs last week, the pair closing down -1.10%. Whereas ETHUSD closed up +6.17%, it didn’t really break the all time high decisively. This week sees the uptrend continuing, and those respective highs will be the big questions.





Offers are waiting at $65,000 and are also forming at $66,000, $1k below the latest all time high.


Bids are reappearing at $60,000 after being fully consumed by aggressive sellers one day ago, but lacking the momentum to follow through and sell lower. More bids at $59,000, larger at $58,000.





Offers are at $4,300, very large around $4,400 (ATHs) and $4,500.


Bids are light at $4,000, $3,950, $3,900, but very large and layered from $3,800 to just under $3,850, which is also the swing low of the spike down after initially making all time highs on most exchanges.





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A snippet from Wednesday’s incredibly insightful event with @gary_norden

A true OG when it comes to order flow trading.

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$NVDA reverses higher as traders buy calls and sell puts, market makers buy stock to hedge delta exposure, and aggressive buyers move NVDA higher to the 250 @spotgamma Call Wall liquidity. Market maker hedging flow shown by HIRO. Setup and targets shown on @bookmap_pro chart.

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