dxFeed launched US Futures data for Bookmap


    Due to our partnership with dxFeed, Bookmap users can now power Bookmap with low latency full depth Futures data.


    Currently, dxFeed offers 3 data packages for incredible pricing:

  • Individual connections to CME / CBOT / NYMEX / COMEX for $29 per month each
  • CME bundle of CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX for $79 per month
  • ICE for $179 per month


    Merging Bookmap platform functionality with dxFeed high-quality Futures feeds will enable traders to observe and analyze all the changes in the Order Book of the most-traded Futures Markets: CME and ICE.


    Advanced Bookmap indicators and analytical tools will show hidden and explicit actions of Large Traders that impact the market.


    If the platform you use is not supported or if you wish to have full depth of Futures market data, this could be a good option for you. No additional credentials are required – you can purchase the data directly from your Bookmap account.


    See how to add dxFeed connection on Bookmap



    Act like the big players. Use full market depth Futures data from dxFeed!


    Check for pricing on the website.


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Hi All! #ES_F more potential to the upside. Supp. 2720, 2715, 2710 Res. 2741, 2759-60, 2794... My levels below.

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Part 2 of Bookmap Pro Trader webinar w/ Kevin Toch on Mon April 6 at 11 am ET. Kevin is a market microstructure specialist and will discuss How to Trade in a High Volatility/Low Liquidity Environment. Not to be missed!

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#ES_F Resistance: 2527 = if breaks 2530 the 2540, 2550 and 2570.
Support: 2480ish, 2455 and major 2415. If it breaks below, then 2403-2400 is the level to watch.

@bookmap_pro #emini #Orderflow #orderbook #daytrading #trading #sp500 #emini #SPY $spy #tradingroom