MBO Insights From Bookmap Traders

Using the Stop & Iceberg Tracker, and Liquidity Tracker

Access a collection of trader’s Tweets and their insights gained from MBO data while using Bookmap’s Stop & Iceberg Tracker and the Liquidity Tracker. Although these tools render a remarkable layer of market transparency previously unavailable to retail traders, they are not a red-light/green-light signal service. Note how these traders are reading the order flow and using the Stops and Icebergs as a powerful confluence at their levels of interest. For more information on the Bookmap MBO Bundle tools, please read our article here.






June 16, 2020 @scottpulcinitr1

“Monster buy icebergs using @bookmap_pro,
1150 and 1640 from the 3105-3108 level.”


Veteran order flow trader Scott Pulcini notices in the ES two significant buy iceberg spikes occurring back-to-back; one was for 1150 and the other for 1640 contracts. You can see there is a stop run occurring before the iceberg transactions, but price accepts in this newly established range of 3105-3108. Just because there is a stop run, doesn’t mean the price will reverse; it’s all about the context and follows through after the event has occurred. Within this new range, large iceberg buy transactions give pretty good insight for the potential breakout to the upside, which ensued shortly afterwards for a nice move up to 3115. In this example, Scott is using the S-I Tracker setting of the Exponential Accumulation output. It records the spike but then begins to reset back to zero-based on a 50% decay rate.   





June 21, 2020 @SeanTheNoob

“Stop run to Stop run perfect trade-off @bookmap_pro,
liquidity to liquidity lil 30 point ripper.”


Sean notices the larger downside drop in the ES after 18:00. It appears to be the 6 pm eastern time Globex open. Price drops into a level of high liquidity and roughly 200 stop orders are triggered. At about the same moment roughly 300 iceberg orders transact. This is a lot at this time in the market. Notice the big spikes in the sub-chart with the Stop&Iceberg Tracker. These are native CME iceberg order transactions. Sean also has the Bookmap Gobal+ addons. It includes the synthetic Iceberg detector. Read about the difference between Native and Synthetic/Heuristic iceberg. The synthetic iceberg detector displayed 249 iceberg buy transactions, it is displayed on the main chart with the green text 249. Note it is relatively inline with the native CME MBO Iceberg Tracker output. Sean points out the sell-off price move into the 3030 high liquidity level then moves toward the other side of the range to test that area of high liquidity around 3060 for about a 30 point move. A great example of using MBO stops and icebergs data together with levels of high liquidity.   




Jun 18, 2020 @bookmap_pro

“Bookmap’s Stop & Iceberg Tracker. In the order flow, the price at the bottom of the ES range but buyers are still in control of this structure. Excellent confluence from the S-I Tracker as several iceberg orders transact.”


A slightly bullish structure after 12 pm ET. More volume at higher highs as stranger buy volume begins entering the market. Looking for a price to test 3120-3125. Yet sellers manage to drop on pullbacks right into larger players waiting on the other side with iceberg orders, absorbing the selling pressure. The SI Tracker picks them up and we gain insight to their location in the structure and look for a much higher potential for the breakout to the upside.




Jun 13 @scottpulcinitr1

“Textbook long setup in ZS on Friday using @bookmap_pro: large sell stop runs into waiting buy icebergs, confluent with the POC and support levels on the 10, 30 and 60 min using.”


Fantastic insights from Scott trading Soybeans. He is stalking price after he sees some buying starting to emerge after the drop. A sell stop run is triggered and stop out the weaker new buyers. Yet on the other side of the trade are larger players absorbing the selling. Buying picks up and charges after higher liquidity levels on the offer. Note Scott also mentions he is watching higher time frame structural elements.






Jun 11, 2020 @livingrightco
Replying to@bookmap_pro

“Iceberg/Stops NAILED the bottom, very cool!”


The ES trends lower as it fills high levels of liquidity on the bid all the way down to the 3050 figure. Aaron notices the large stop run below the 3050 figure, as well as the larger players absorbing with buy icebergs on the other side of the trade. Once the price gets back up above the 3050 level, buyers jump in and push the price up to higher levels of liquidity around the 3060-3065 area.





Jun 3, 2020 @FlowOrder

“Exploring a few range-bound scalps with the new Bookmap MBO Stop&Iceberg Tracker in the ES. Really adds a nice confluence for higher probability trades…”


Scalping some small ranges, testing out the S-I Tracker. Note the importance of the market structure and then look for additional confluence with the S-I Tracker. This adds to the higher probability of a positive outcome. The trader wasn’t looking to hit a home run, but carefully reduce risk with high probability trades.






·Jun 2, 2020 @scottpulcinitr1

“That last move up to the 3067.50 area had a different look before the last sell-off if you were watching the @bookmap_pro Liquidity Tracker. Very negative vs the first time up there.”


Here Scott is carefully watching the market structure and liquidity levels. He notes the first leg and the selloff combined with a dramatic shift of the aggressive high liquidity on the offer, captured by the Liquidity Tracker Black Line in the sub-chart. This lends insight for the potential for a second leg lower, which unfolds nicely to the downside.




June 8, 2020 @SeanTheNoob

“Catching the bounce right on the chart setup I had marked out, the MBO iceberg/stop data doesn’t lie.”


Sean marks up the 3162 swing from the ES cash open and is waiting for the liquidity to at that level to transact. However, he notes a significant stop run and buy icebergs absorbing the selling in front of that high liquidity 3162 level. This is a nice trick by those iceberg traders and allows them to enter a position before the high liquidity levels waiting in the order book. A nice rally to the upside ensues and reaches for the high liquidity on the offer up at 3177.




May 27, 2020 @Wyckoff_EOD
Replying to @scottpulcinitr1

“Beautiful setup on ES this morning, thank you for introducing this to me. Your webinars are great Sir”


Another beautiful example in the ES with a strong and fast selloff into high liquidity on the bid as well as about 500 buy iceberg orders. Note the Liquidity Tracker (Blackline) also spikes upwards. The bid is strong, the selling has been absorbed, and strong aggressive buying begins to lift the offer, looking for healthy pullback to test high liquidity on the offer.




May 13, 2020 @scottpulcinitr1

“Three of the big four @bookmap_pro indicators provided the opportunity for an incredible short that yielded almost a 30 pt trade at the ES open in minutes. Resting liquidity, Huge sell icebergs and an extreme negative liquidity tracker”


A beautiful read by Scott, who easily captured a 30 point ES trade in a handful of minutes. He had major multiple confluences as he mentions in his tweet. Note the downside area where price tested though; it’s high liquidity on the bid. It’s easy to see these levels in the Bookmap heatmap and rather challenging to read in the DOM. This allows higher time frame traders to integrate order flow within their trading.



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Another flat BTCUSD day.

Sellers gobbled large bids @ $31k but lacked momentum to push further. Prices moved back into range and large bids returned stepping higher.

Range of large bids @ $30.5k & large offers @ $33k.

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Paper reloaded AGAIN @ 40s before earnings 🤔 @bookmap_pro