Scott Pulcini’s Stop&Iceberg Setups

A collection of Scott’s Tweets on specific setups using Bookmap’s Stop&Iceberg Tracker

See how Scott integrates higher timeframe analysis with alerts of significant Native Iceberg and Stops transactions. This process allows Scott to monitor up to 20 different futures markets and quickly enter positions based on his proprietary trading strategies. If you are interested in contacting Scott, you can find him on Bookmap’s Educators Directory.

Scott has studied the confluence of significant Stops and Iceberg transactions within the order flow and has developed several trade setups. Here he presents his “Titanic” setup.


Scott uses a higher time frame analysis together with alerts for significant Stops and Native Iceberg transactions within Bookmap. Then he drills down into the order flow in Bookmap to look for one of his proprietary setups.


Here Scott is looking for for a break below significant Native Iceberg transactions and continuation of the move lower. New sellers are jumping in and moving price away from that previous area. Look for high liquidity on the bid and significant stop order transactions as a potential target.


A massive stop run with more selling below the area leads to a larger downside move. Understanding the order types like stops and iceberg transactions within the order flow can offer insights to excellent moves.


Another example of Native Buy Iceberg transactions and price acceptance below the transactions. Lookin for high liquidity on the bid to test. Scott typically waits for aggressive buyers to begin entering before he exits his trade position.


An example of how professional traders like Scott go through various scenarios to fulfill one of his trading setups. Once the trade criteria is met, he will quickly execute.


Another setup of Native Buy Iceberg transactions, but price selling through the level. A beautiful pullback right to the level. Then look for the price to begin dropping again for continuation to the downside.


Notice the process here. First there’s insight and analysis at higher timeframe levels. Then Scott is looking for a significant event to occur at this level, which significant Native Iceberg or Stops transactions. Next, he drills down into the order flow and looks for one of his setups to unfold before he enters.


A significant Stop Run unfolds at an important higher timeframe (overnight) level. Look for confirmation of your setup at this point to justify an entry.


A “Broken Ice” setup – price drop below significant Native Buy Iceberg transactions on heavy sell volume. This setup confirms a higher timeframe level setup.


Another “Broken Ice” setup – price rises above significant Native sell Iceberg transactions. This setup confirms a higher timeframe level setup. The setup coincides with higher timeframe analysis. Look for a move back to and potentially through the heavy liquidity at 1900 on Gold.


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