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Multibook for Crypto & Futures


Bookmap chart; Multibook; Create synthetic instruments and see multiple crypto exchanges in one chart

Bookmap Multibook Add-On


We have recently launched the Multibook, a Bookmap addon allowing you to build your own synthetic instrument that aggregates order flow data with the execution of crossed price levels from 2-5 different exchanges in one customizable chart. Multibook enables you to monitor the liquidity, traded volume, and market depth across multiple exchanges at the same time without navigating through different interfaces and constantly switching between charts. 


It is available for free to all Digital+, Global, and Global+ users (for Bookmap pricing, see the main and crypto pages). It currently allows viewing real-time futures and cryptocurrency data. For example, consolidate CLM1 + CLN1 into one chart. Note, however, that it is in early development so please share your feedback. 


To download Bookmap Multibook and get details on installation, configuration, and FAQ, see the Knowledge base guide.    



Stops & Icebergs On-Chart Indicator 

Bookmap Chart; Stops & Icebergs On-Chart

Bookmap SI On-Chart Indicator


New updates to Stops & Icebergs indicator. Now it shows the evolution of both Stops & Icebergs transactions on the Bookmap chart:

  • Accurate detection and tracking of Icebergs and Stop orders
  • Displays detection, cancellation, execution, and active working iceberg orders
  • Filtering of stops and icebergs by traded size
  • Highly accurate real-time display

Find more info and the download link in the S&I On-Chart Guide.   



Bookmap 7.3 Alpha

Bookmap Alpha 7.3 is now released. It includes improved performance and bug fixes. Some of the improvements include:

  • Dragging in auto-recentering mode (checkbox has been added to the right-click menu on the “Price” column)
  • In Replay mode, the rewind speed has been increased from 1024x to 8192x
  • Getting started guide was added

Also, with 7.3 Alpha, you can get Multibook automatically installed & configured, together with all crypto adapters. For more details, see the release notes

Bear in mind though that the Alpha version is being constantly improved and, therefore, it is not recommended for live trading.

New builds for MAC and Linux

New Bookmap builds for Linux and MAC are now available. To download, click for Linux & MAC.


dxFeed now supports EUREX Futures

20 levels of depth are supported in Bookmap 7.2 or greater. To add a subscription, log in to Bookmap and click on “Add subscription”. Please use the latest Bookmap build.   



A New Version of The Absorption Indicator

A new version of the Absorption indicator is available in Bookmap 7.2 or greater for Global+ users. It includes an automatic threshold. To download, click here.   





Latest Webinar Recordings   

Futures.IO Webinar, presenting Stops & Icebergs Indicator  


Understanding Liquidity & Order Flow in Portuguese 



New Video: Connecting to Multiple Data Feeds 

Learn how to Connect to Multiple Data Feeds in Bookmap.






  • Bring-A-Friend Program
  • HIRO Indicator



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