Unique Order Flow Phenomena


Each trader has his own, unique perspective on order flow phenomena and his own way of using Bookmap. Here is a collection of tweets showing Bookmap users responding to the market.


1. To have a personal trading philosophy is of the utmost importance if trading is your profession.



2. In this chart, @ttwatrader noticed the bright yellow line of buy limit orders in the middle. When the price hit this line, large volume was executed



3. In this chart, @volatilityrider saw two orange/yellow lines below the price indicating buy liquidity (limit orders), and another, similar line above the price (sell liquidity). @volatilityrider went short when buy liquidity pulled and used the liquidity on the offer (sellers) to place a stop loss order, and control his risk. The take profit order was placed in an area that previously contained high liquidity.



4. Here is another trade taken by @volatilityrider. He noticed a block of buy limit orders entered the market was put in right before the price broke higher placing a sell stop loss slightly below the liquidity this line to reduce his would have limited risk.



5. @ttwatrader noticed a thick, orange band of high liquidity underneath the price (buyers) acting as a support level, preventing the price from dropping. . When the price bounced higher, together with aggressive buying volume, he went long this entry was triggered. He used a  the high liquidity on the offer (sellers) near the top of the chart as an opportunity to exit the trade with a large profit.



6. Look how in these charts, @fibdax used his volume profile trading method in conjunction with the liquidity seen in Bookmap to recognize opportunities.



7. In this chart, @FrankPollack70 saw a high sell liquidity for Apple stock at around 153 (indicated by the orange line). He predicted that if this line broke, the price would move all the way up to the high sell liquidity at around 154. He entered a long trade. However, the price line did not go through the liquidity, and he got stopped out. He then entered a second long after the pull back and hit his target on high liquidity at 154.



8. By watching Bookmap heatmap chart, @ttwatrader witnessed a lack of aggressive sellers appetite, price went up and with the help of high buying liquidity (marked as spoofing) caused him to go long and take profit near high liquidity at the top of the chart



9. @ttwatrader is showing how rollover is visible with Bookmap, you can see reduced liquidity on the Dec contract and an increased liquidity later on the March contract.



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Amazing market transparency, with beautiful confluences of Stops, Icebergs and Options Gamma action in the #ES_F today.#Bookmap #trading #DayTrading #OrderFlow

FB short setup. Entry confirmed by falling SpotGamma HIRO Cumulative Indicator showing bearish market maker hedging activity, liquidity ask imbalance, and aggressive sellers moving price lower as price drops below 331. @bookmap_pro @spotgamma

/es long !! lets see if we hold these lows for a retest of highs ! big volatility day !! @bookmap_pro