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Bookmap BlueJacket

Starts May 13th

Ends May 31st

The Bookmap Academy Can Make You a Better Trader

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Blue Jacket


We are looking for trading insights from Bookmap Academy traders:
  • Screenshots with order flow analysis or trades
  • Videos up to 60 secs
that will give our community unique perspectives into markets, trading setups and strategies, or simply getting the most out of the Bookmap platform.


Main Prize


An invite to Bookmap Academy—an elite team of top traders


+$600 of subscription value with 3 months of Global+ with Stocks & Futures data


The Blue Jacket icon—distinguishing you from the other traders on Discord



1-month subscription to Global+ (data NOT included)


The White Jacket: a Discord icon that shows you are recognised for your exceptional trading insights


  • The Bookmap Academy is a group of traders who network, learn, and improve their trading skills together. You can partake in the Academy with your Blue Jacket content. As a member, you'll engage with a community of active traders, not just to compete and potentially win big, but also to grow and learn within a supportive group committed to mutual improvement.
  • The free competition is open to all Academy traders of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals
  • You can share screenshots or videos that are up to 60 seconds long.
  • Make sure that your content has clear and easy-to-read comments, descriptions, or text annotations.
  • You can post your charts and videos anywhere across social media. Make sure to also share the content (or a link to the content) in our dedicated Discord Bookmap Academy. and you must add the tag #BJC.
Yes, content utilising Bookmap’s Market Pulse Add-on will be given additional consideration. Learn more about Market Pulse here.
  • The primary judging criteria are the quality of trading insights and their relevance to order flow and Bookmap.
  • Content that provides value to our community and helps traders to win will be strongly considered.
  • Any content related to this month's theme will receive extra consideration.
There’s no min/max quantity of content you can post for the competition, just be sure to use the tag “#BJC” on any posts you would like to be considered for the competition!
Yes, you can feature other platforms, but the primary focus should remain on the Bookmap platform.
Yes, there will be a main winner and a runner-up.
  • You'll receive free access to Market Pulse Algorithims for the duration of the competition.
  • Simply contact @dan0915 (Dan P) on our Discord when requesting your Academy Spreadsheet and request access
  • Ensure you're replying from the same email linked to your Bookmap account

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