Bookmap®️ Partnership Program

What You Get

  • More new traders, attracted by offering an advanced stand-alone platform with unique, full depth market data visualization
  • Stronger loyalty of your existing users, ensured by providing access to Bookmap’s powerful tools and features
  • As a result, increased trading volume

What Users Get

  • Dynamic heatmap view with HD movie-like qualities, providing the most accurate real-time and replay visualization of market depth data
  • Display of the historical ​evolution of the order book and order flow, that enables users to feel the mood of the market
  • Possibility to recognize the intentions and patterns of other traders, including robots, and even predict future behaviours of automated strategies
  • As a result, insights, allowing to make informed and, therefore, better trading decisions

Why Bookmap?

  • PRS2LyltyATrst
    Loyalty And Trust

    Bookmap has been on the market since 2014. By the end of 2019, we have reached 15000+ subscribers. We collaborate with major brokers, exchanges, and data providers across the globe.

  • PRS2OurPrps
    Our Purpose

    We make the world of finance a better place for traders of all kinds by making our tools accessible and affordable to everyone.

  • PRS2CmptvEdge
    Competitive Edge

    Nowadays, Bookmap is not an alternative for traders. If it is not their primary tool of choice, then it is a must-have addition instead.

  • PRS2HghQltyOffng
    High-Quality Offering

    Bookmap is a state of the art platform that provides unique tools and features. Besides, unlike most players out there, we provide our users with free access to advanced education.

We work with

Interactive brokers
Trade Station
Trading Technology
TransAct Futures
Stage Five
Edge Clear
AMP Futures
Cannon Trading

To become a partner:

  1. Make sure you support one or more Bookmap-compatible connectivities. Otherwise, you can develop one via Bookmap API
  2. Add a Bookmap®️ logo and the link to our website on your page to provide the audience with exclusive Bookmap deals.

We can also collaborate by:

  • Arranging a joint webinar
  • Setting a Bookmap®️ integration to your current platform
  • Developing white-labeling opportunities
  • Selling historical data

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