Learn Trading From Professional Traders

Trading Cards
What You'll Learn

  • Sweeping the Book

  • Icebergs

  • Ignition

  • Real-Time Trading

  • Absorption

  • Volume Profile

  • Algorithm Activity

  • Market Structure

  • Absorption

  • Market Structure

  • Areas of Intent

  • Higher Time Frame

  • Order Flow Foundation

  • Market Mechanics

  • Exhaustion

  • Spoofing

  • Flipping of the Book

  • Auction Theory

  • Market Aggressors

  • Strategies and Setups

  • Imbalances

  • Understanding Liquidity

  • Course Content

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    Meet the Team

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    Bruce Pringle

    Bruce Pringle

    Lead Bookmap Educator


    Bruce has over 10 years of trading experience and is Bookmap’s lead educator. He is an order flow specialist and a Bookmap expert.

    Scott Pulcini

    Scott Pulcini

    Pro Futures Trader


    Scott has been trading for over 20 years. During 2002-2005, Scott was responsible for trading a staggering 10% of the total S&P E-mini futures volume.

    Joseph Gasperoni

    Joseph Gasperoni

    Pro Stocks Trader


    Joseph began trading at just 18 years old, trading 30 to 40m Euro of volume each month, going over 400m per year mainly using tape.

    Tom B

    Tom B

    Bookmap Trader Network


    Tom has been trading both professionally and individually since 1980. He focuses primarily on Volume Profile with the ES & NQ Futures markets.

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