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New to order flow trading? We’ve got you covered. Our free education will help you hit the ground running.

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Daily Advanced Webinars

  • Live Advanced Order Flow Analysis
  • Live Trading by Professionals (twice per week)
  • Specific Setups & Trade Management
  • Q&A Sessions

Pro Trader Webinar

Pro Trader Webinar Series

Industry-leading traders and educators from around the globe, sharing their knowledge and insights in multiple languages. See in real-time or watch recordings

Four Video-lessons Education Course With Training Exercises

Understand market mechanics and market structure:

  • Basics of Market Mechanics 
  • Market Structure
  • Practical Strategies And Setups
  • Advanced Confluences

Library of knowledge - Relevant information in every form

  • Pro Trader Webinar recordings
  • Knowledge Base
  • Video guidelines and instructions
  • Education from partners
  • Various peculiarities on Bookmap® Forum

order flow basics webinar

Daily Platform Basics Webinars with Q&A

Understand Bookmap® features and how to incorporate order flow basics into your trading.

Trading articles and interviews

Bookmap Blog

Insightful articles and in-depth interviews from the trading world.

Available for Free

Bookmap webinars and education streams are free and open to all. They`re held daily and broadcast from our Discord and YouTube channel.

Our Approach to Education



  • 10+ years of trading experience
  • Lead educator at Bookmap
  • Order Flow specialist
Step 1

Learn Order Flow with our 4-part Educational Course. It’s always available online.

Step 2

Attend Live Advanced webinars daily at 10am ET. We provide real-time market analysis, identify trade opportunities, anticipate future price movement, and debrief trading activity. Apply what you’ve learned from the course directly within the live markets. Ask questions and take part in our community.


NEW!Live Trading twice per week with professional traders. Learn from the experts.

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