Bookmap Features

What makes Bookmap so valuable for traders? Because of its unique trading data visualization and market depth analysis tool set. It includes some of the best indicators for day trading as well as swing trading. Instruments that give you the opportunity to focus on developing successful day trading strategies, inching you even closer to day trading for a living.

In-depth Data Visualization

  • See market dynamics visualised and gain a clearer picture of market trends
  • Identify liquidity levels and intraday trading patterns
  • Gain insight into the intentions of other market participants
  • Find the most active price levels

Watch past liquidity


Unique analytical indicators

Unique trading analytical indicators

Multi-Asset Coverage

Chart trading

  • Use all popular order types, including OCO and brackets
  • Easy position and P&L monitoring

Debrief your trading in Replay

  • Record market data while trading, and visualize it later in Replay mode
  • Track the entire evolution of your orders from the moment of placement through modifications, executions, and cancellations
  • Enhance your future trading through in-depth recording of your past successes and failures

Bookmap API

  • Build automatic trading strategies
  • Record and export market data
  • Build custom indicators, columns, voice alerts, and more
  • Available for free to all users

See most updated API documentation in Bookmap Knowledge Base

Bookmap Connect API

  • Connect exchanges, data vendors, and trading systems
  • Available to all users

Bookmap Quant solution

  • Connect your proprietary market data and trading system
  • Visualize your orders using back-testing / simulation
  • Monitor trading in real time
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