Bookmap Features

Bookmap is a cutting-edge trading platform that provides you with unique data visualization and market depth analysis tools.

Whether you’re swing trading, day trading, or scalping, Bookmap’s powerful range of heatmaps, proprietary trading indicators, and volume analysis will take you one step closer to becoming consistently profitable.


Liquidity Heatmap

Stop trading in the dark and start seeing all the limit orders being posted on the exchange over time. Bookmap’s liquidity heatmap provides you with a highly effective way to analyze the order flow, identify actual levels of support and resistance, and make smarter trading decisions.


Volume Bubbles

Incoming volume has the power to reverse well-established trends in the blink of an eye. Volume bubbles provide you with more insight than ever before. They go beyond simple volume bars and allow you to immediately recognize the imbalance between aggressive buyers and sellers.


Best Bid and Offer

Bookmap accurately displays the highest quoted bid and lowest quoted offer for a given asset at any given time (also called the best bid and ask, BBO, or simply the spread). Observing how incoming volume reacts to changes in the BBO can help you identify exhaustion and absorption in real-time.


Current Order Book

View the amount of liquidity at each price level with Bookmap’s comprehensive and fully configurable order book. You can visualize the current order book and depth of market in a number of different ways to suit your trading style.


Nanosecond Zoom

Bookmap’s industry-leading zoom capability lets you observe incredible detail at the micro timeframe level. All data, including volume, liquidity, and the BBO is plotted in real-time with an FPS similar to what you’d experience in a modern video game.


Multi-Asset Coverage

Bookmap fully supports instruments from different asset classes. Simply tab between Futures, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies at the click of a button. You can also pop charts out into separate windows, perfect for multiple monitor setups.



Successful traders never stop learning, adjusting, and updating their approach. Bookmap allows you to record live sessions to replay later and execute simulated orders to test and optimize strategies.


Customizable Charts

Bookmap has been designed to fit your trading style. It’s fully customizable whatever your preferences. You can even add traditional candlesticks and volume bars if you prefer.

Stop trading in the dark, turn your headlights on with Bookmap

Unique Analytical Indicators

If you want to consistently make winning trades, you’re going to need more than just basic trading indicators. Bookmap is packed with proprietary data analytics, to give you incredible market insights. Our indicators are based on order flow and order book microstructure:

Unique Indicators
Imbalance Trackers

Imbalance Trackers

Bookmap features an order flow imbalance indicator and a delta volume indicator that visibly represents the order book imbalance. Providing you with an accurate and easy-to-read snapshot to judge current market sentiment at any given moment.


Bookmap is compatible with many data providers / exchanges

Bookamp Data CME
Trading Technology
Gain Capital
Ninja Traders
TransAct Futures
Stage Five
Cedro Technologies
Edge Clear
One-Click Chart Trading

Typing manual orders into an input box is not only time-consuming but can lead to execution errors. This is why Bookmap allows you to enter, modify, and cancel orders directly from the chart or DOM column. Bookmap’s one-click chart trading provides a number of advantages:

One-Click Trading
  • Easily pinpoint orders within the heatmap
  • React quickly and intuitively to price action
  • Visualize historic orders and edit in real-time
  • Monitor P&L in sub-charts
  • Fully supports all common order types (market, limit, bracket, stops, OCO)
  • Record and debrief your trading activity
Premium features
Bookmap Premium Features

The Bookmap development team understands that when it comes to chart trading, not all traders have the same requirements.

There are three pricing plans to choose from, plus a marketplace where you can buy add-ons and educational courses. Some of Bookmap’s premium features include market replay data (and all of your trading activity), large lot tracker (LLT), strength level, and imbalance indicators.

Bookmap API for Add-on Development

Whether you want to build a custom indicator, develop an automated trading strategy, or tap into data analytics, the Bookmap API provides you with complete under-the-hood access which you can release as 3rd party add-ons in the Bookmap marketplace. There’s also the JavaScript API that gives you a quick and easy way to develop indicators.

Indicators, Alerts

Indicators, Alerts

Want to create a unique order book imbalance signal? Or need a specific price alert system? Simply build it yourself using the Bookmap API.

You can create indicators to help you make consistent trading decisions and run them in both real-time and replay mode to backtest new strategies.

Automatic Trading Strategies

Automatic Trading Strategies

Take the emotion out of your trading by building, testing, and executing algorithmic trading strategies.

You can even create detachable windows and customize settings panels within the Bookmap interface to easily configure your strategy.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

The Bookmap API gives you unrestricted access to every single data point available. Allowing you to look at millions of incremental updates along a timeline and extract exactly what you need.

"Connect" API - Development of Adapters

The Bookmap Connect API provides developers with a framework to utilize additional market data and trading services. Connect to crypto exchanges, brokers, and order management systems and offer this new connection to other traders.

Bookmap Quant Solution

The Bookmap Quant Solution allows you to connect to your proprietary market data, indicators, and trading sessions. Ideal for debriefing, strategy development, compliance management, and real-time monitoring of trading systems.

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The Bookmap Heatmap is a visual representation of all limit orders in the order book. Red areas represent more orders (or more liquidity), while darker areas show fewer orders (or less liquidity).

As orders are constantly being added and removed from the order book, the heatmap is dynamic and changes over time. The heatmap gives you insight into what dominant market participants are doing, reveals potential areas of support and resistance, and helps you make better trading decisions in real-time.
You can get started in minutes at absolutely no cost. Click here to view our full pricing plan.
  • Liquidity Heatmap
  • 3D Volume Bubbles
  • Order Book and Volume imbalance
  • Strength Level Indicator
  • Stops & Iceberg Tracker (subscribe via Bookmap marketplace)
  • Large Lot Tracker
  • Real-Time Charting
  • Multi-Asset Coverage (Futures/Stocks/Cryptocurrencies)
  • One-Click Chart Trading
  • Comprehensive API
  • Replay Mode for Debriefing
Bookmap provides you with real-time order book data represented by a dynamic heatmap chart overlay. Allowing you to easily identify areas of liquidity and make accurate split-second trading decisions.

You also get access to a wide range of institutional order flow indicators. Giving you incredible insight into markets and helping you understand trends, patterns, support, resistance, and aggressive buying and selling.
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