What is the Bookmap Partner Network?

The Bookmap Partner Network is the framework for collaboration between Bookmap and our growing network of partners that offer a wide range of benefits, training, education, newsletters, chat rooms and other related services to help our clients achieve their needs. Start learning about our partner programs and apply today to begin your journey as a Bookmap Partner.

Learn more about the different partner programs available and determine which one is best for your business. Our programs are designed to empower, distinguish and reward our partners with meaningful relationships to best align with your business needs.

The Bookmap Broker Partner program allows FCM’s (and the associates IIB’s/GIB’s) globally to join the fast growing of network of service providers offering Bookmap. BMBP’s provide sales initiatives, co-marketing efforts along with tier one support for Bookmap users. Broker partners must be certified in multiple Bookmap Solution Competencies and offer their customers the full Bookmap solution portfolio. Bookmap can route your traders orders via the global execution networks by CQG Continuum, TT NET, Rithmic, S5, Transact, Nasdaq Total View and more. We also partner with data only vendors to provide Bookmap users a selection of quality data only providers globally. Reach out today to discuss how we can work together to better service the needs of global active traders with our world class software.
The Bookmap Educator Partner program is the key to helping todays demanding traders unlock the amazing transparency provided by the Bookmap software. The Bookmap commitment to our end users includes access to our exclusive educator network.  All our educator partners are required to complete a rigorous certification program to insure consistent platform training worldwide. We work closely to cover every aspect of Bookmap to enable you to become a trusted Bookmap educator. Explore the learning opportunities for you professionally and for your business to help you successfully market and sell supporting Bookmap solutions and differentiate your offerings from the competition.
The Bookmap Indicator and Strategy Partner program couples those that add value by combining their indicators and or proprietary tools with Bookmap Development Services to design, plan and deploy sophisticated High and Low frequency solutions to meet the order flow analytic, technical and order execution needs of your trading clients or front end users. From indicators to advanced order execution strategies and automated algos the BMISP allows you to embed your technology directly in the Bookmap for your audience.
The Bookmap Custom and OE Partner Program allows Bookmap to team with industry-leading companies to optimize Centralized Limit Order Book analysis, visualization and related solutions with Bookmap software. We partner with prop shops, exchanges, banks and others to provide custom solutions based on the exciting Bookmap Platform as a framework. Often times, we are asked to connect to a custom ticker plant, or consolidated limit order books.  Or we can deploy a combined CLOB/Appliance solution for your direct market access needs.  We also have experience in helping create unique visualizations in a T+ xx time frame for popular Transaction Cost Analysis(TCA) models.  Put our experienced team to work for you today. OE’s (Existing trading platforms, Tick Aggregators and Ticker Plant providers and other related service providers) can integrate their hardware and or software together with Bookmap technology to sell and support joint solutions. Want to “pop” a Bookmap out of the side of your existing trading DOM?  Give us call, it is easier than you think!!

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