Enhanced Visibility

  • Easy at-a-glance view of order book and trade flow evolution
  • Gauge the intentions of other market participants including the big fish in the pond
  • Identify market microstructure and liquidity patterns
  • Switch from numerical hard to remember order book values to heatmap data visualization
  • Access advanced order book and order flow indicators

Real time Monitoring

  • See how your trading affects or is affected by other market participants
  • Analyze different instruments in parallel
  • Learn in what ways your strategies are visible to others
  • Supported functionality includes:
    1. Supports more than 10 connectivity platforms
    2. See orders placement, change, cancellation and executions
    3. See your estimated place in the queue
    4. Record the market action and your own orders

Auto strategies / API

  • Use Bookmap sample execution algos
  • Train in Replay mode
  • Develop your own trading strategies
  • Full real time market transparency
  • Develop your own proprietary indicators

Fast Execution

  • Quickly translate your market analysis into orders with off the chart one-click trading.
  • Supported functionality includes:
    1. Stop orders and brackets
    2. Easy position and P&L monitoring
    3. Cross instrument trading from a single chart


  • Visualize your trading data together with the market data.>
    Click here for a short video.
  • Track the full evolution of your orders
  • Easily analyze areas with low and high P&L
  • Gauge order book evolution to generate new ideas for strategy improvements
  • Supported functionality includes:
    1. Unlimited zoom-in up to nanoseconds
    2. Market replay in an HD like quality
    3. Most detailed order book and order flow events


  • NEW! Use Bookmap with Nanotick. Learn more
  • Connect your own data to Bookmap API. Learn more
  • Debrief your trading sessions with all market data events
  • Develop new algo & analyze your simulations (execution, slippage, P&L)
  • Use Bookmap for real time monitoring
  • Examine how your trading affects or is affected by other market participants