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Other heatmaps

Traditional charts


Watch depth of market activity

Price and volume traded represents only 5% of the activity in the order book. The other 95% activity is taking place in the order book. Bookmap shows the all 100% of the events.
As one of the veteran traders said: “It’s the closest thing to the pits I have seen, Incredible!”

See the history of all market events


Most of the charts and indicators are accumulating X seconds/minute/hours of activity and therefore are lagging. In Bookmap you see all events right when they happen and they are represented on the graph exactly when they happend

Record, replay & run simulations

Possible on some platforms

Multiple platforms

Possible on some platforms
Bookmap support 10 platforms for market data and execution

Multiple brokers support

Most futures brokers
Possible on some platforms

See the real market spread

With Bookmap you can see the real spread (best bid and best offer), it shows you from the micro to the macro. With most other platforms you can’t see the spread.

Play the market like HD video
(up to 125 updates/sec)

Bookmap captures each and every event and use GPU Graphics for low CPU usage

Zooming to highest resolution (nano seconds)

Smart volume Dots clustering & configuration

Easily zoom in , zoom out and get accurately aggressor classified information at a glance. Confusing Footprints are a thing of the past. Get delta info at a glance. In Bookmap you see the volume traded on the chart (and columns), other platforms show it on the DOM or via a tape reading window (lines)

Heatmap configuration


Bookmap enable full manipulation to the heatmap including filtering small size orders

Extended order book

Bookmap displays an extended view of the order book and show price levels that are out of the exchange transmitted range. This is important for best estimation to the size at that price level.

Trading directly from the chart, inc. cross instrument trading

Possible on some platforms

Watch your orders on the chart

Possible on some platforms

Locate large players that place high size orders (Large Lot Tracker)

Sync several charts

Possible on some platforms

Connect your own data and display your proprietary indicators, including order queue estimation

Born in the HFT world, not the indicator world when speed and accuracy are important. It is used by Quant teams with their own data

Indicator pane synced to the chart

To be launched soon

API & Automated strategies

Possible on some platforms
To be launched soon