Bookmap Packages

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Digital (Free) Global Global+
Realtime simulated trading
Volume dots & bars clustering
Recentering configuration
Price & volume alerts and filters
Volume, quotes & delta columns
Time & Sale
Notes column & import notes from web
Extended order book N/A
Cumulative volume delta
Recent historical data 1 hour 24 hours Digital currencies: 24hrs includedFutures: 24hrs (optional. $14/mo per exchange)
Watch your orders on the chart Simulated orders only
Number of instrument parallel subscriptions 1 20 20
Sync charts
Record & replay
Mark POC on chart
Realtime Trading GDAX & Bitmex GDAX & Bitmex Futures, Stocks (+IB), GDAX & Bitmex
Multiple broker support
Connectivity to multiple platforms
Correlation tracker
Order book & Volume imbalance Replay only
Large lot tracker Replay only
Iceberg detector Replay only Replay only
Cross instrument trading
2nd free license for replay
Integration with Nanotick & Nanobars
Support Low priority support email support up to 24hrs email support up to 24hrs