The Weekend Update #003

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Improved Absorption Indicator

The latest Absorption Indicator update includes:

  • New customizable graphics
  • Optimized performance
  • Configurable background for color icons
  • Improved UI


For details on installation and settings as well as the download link, visit the Knowledge Base.



Stops & Icebergs Notifications In Telegram

Now you can create a Telegram bot to receive alerts on Stops and/or Icebergs. For more info, see the SI On-Chart Notifications Guide.


See The Guide →




New Content Database

Introducing Bookmap’s new Chart Database, filled with Bookmap images and videos of order flow phenomena produced by some of the best traders in our community!

Search by user, social media platform, video or image, asset class, instrument, indicator, or order flow phenomena. This database allows you to:

  • View content across social media in a single place
  • Search by Tags, or click on Tags to view all related media
  • Study and learn trading techniques used by our top traders
  • Like and Share


View the Database →



New Articles In Bookmap Blog

Identifying True Liquidity With Bookmap

We’ve all heard about support and resistance from traditional technical analysis. With a simple candlestick or bar chart, areas of extreme price fluctuations can be marked off and used as reference points for trade entries and exits. But there is another layer to this form of analysis… Continue reading →

Trading Fractals: The Power of Multi-time Frame Analysis with Bookmap

Fractals are mathematical patterns that repeat and look similar at different scales. These kinds of patterns can be seen all over nature, a forest being a very common example of a fractal pattern. Within each trees’ cluster of branches seems to sit a mini forest, each branch similar to the whole tree. Going even deeper… Continue reading →



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A snippet from Wednesday’s incredibly insightful event with @gary_norden

A true OG when it comes to order flow trading.

Check out the full conversation here:

$NVDA reverses higher as traders buy calls and sell puts, market makers buy stock to hedge delta exposure, and aggressive buyers move NVDA higher to the 250 @spotgamma Call Wall liquidity. Market maker hedging flow shown by HIRO. Setup and targets shown on @bookmap_pro chart.

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