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    Bookmap Solution for Day or Swing Crypto Trading

    Whether you prefer day trading or swing trading crypto, Bookmap is the perfect crypto trading platform. By continually importing the order book from top exchanges, Bookmap builds a dynamic heatmap overlay that can be used for order flow analysis.

    Watch algo activity, spoofing orders, aggressive market buying and selling, and price absorption and exhaustion, in real-time at 40 frames per second, with our cutting-edge crypto trading tools.


    Easily Accessible and Customizable Crypto Trading Charts

    When day trading crypto, you need to understand large amounts of data and make fast decisions.

    With Bookmap, you don’t need to worry about paralysis by analysis. The data feeds are fully configurable and information is delivered in easily digestible charting tools, heatmaps, volume bubbles, and volume profiles.


    Aggregated Order Book Data

    By limiting yourself to just one exchange you may be missing out on important market information. Our Multibook crypto trading software delivers more data, to give you more trading opportunities and better crypto trading signals.

    You’ll have full visibility of the cumulative resting bids and offers, plus the execution of market orders across different exchanges.

Raise Your Edge With Our Industry-Leading Crypto Trading Platform

Whether you’re looking for a Bitcoin trading platform or if you prefer alternative blockchain assets like Ethereum and Litecoin, Bookmap is designed to set you apart from other retail traders and help you achieve consistent results.

Multibook, together with our full range of powerful crypto trading indicators allows you to see important market dynamics unfold. Events that would be impossible to see using candlestick charts alone.

Support and Resistance

Easily identify areas of intent using the heatmap. See large resting orders that have been in the order book for a significant amount of time.

Support and Resistance

Price Absorption

Watch price absorption in real-time as dominant market participants get filled.

Price Absorption

Volume Analysis

See the size of actual transactions at each price level using the volume delta, volume dots, and volume profiles.

Volume Analysis

Bookmap also features many more crypto trading analysis tools including the Large Lot Tracker, Imbalance Indicator, Strength Level Indicator, Correlation Tracker, and Iceberg Order Detection. There’s even an API for crypto trading. Click here for full details on all of Bookmap’s stand-out features.

Multibook: See Aggregated Trading Activity

Crypto pairs are traded on several different exchanges simultaneously. So if you’re only looking at a single exchange, you’re only seeing part of the picture. Essential order flow information like market orders, traded volume, and the limit order book will be less precise.

So we developed Multibook, a pioneering new crypto trading tool that provides you with a consolidated order book. Available as an exclusive add-on to Bookmap, it helps you make better, more accurate decisions for day trading crypto.

Multibook Crypto Trading Software

Combine Data

Get access to powerful synthetic instruments that consolidate order book data from multiple exchanges. Simultaneously watch the trading activity from Binance, Bitstamp, FTX, GDAX, and Kraken.

Observe Consolidated Liquidity

Read aggregated market liquidity conveniently from one chart. Define support and resistance levels more easily by combining volume from different exchanges. Eliminate fear and gain confidence in your trading by seeing the whole picture.

Analyze Traded Volume

Spot arbitrage opportunities across exchanges. See both the total volume and the volume delta (the total buy aggressors minus the total sell aggressors) from a larger slice of the market. Represent the data with standard volume bars or fully configurable 3D volume bubbles.

Accessible and Customizable

Multibook data is available from both the desktop and web versions of Bookmap. You can even create completely customizable synthetic instruments using the Multibook Customizer add-on.

Essential Multibook Features

We’ve developed the Multibook add-on with convenience, speed, and simplicity in mind. Whether you’re new to day trading crypto or a veteran of the game, our goal is to deliver a crypto trading platform that maximizes your edge.

So we developed Multibook, a pioneering new crypto trading tool that provides you with a consolidated order book. Available as an exclusive add-on to Bookmap, it helps you make better, more accurate decisions for day trading crypto.

Youtube: Bookmap - Essential Multibook Features

Consolidated Order Book In Real-Time

Multibook allows you to connect to 5 crypto exchanges and view an aggregated order book in real-time. See every single transaction take place in a combined DOM and watch how the entire order book changes over time using our innovative heatmap.

Cross-Exchange Cryptocurrency Liquidity

By combining data from multiple crypto exchanges you’ll see more volume and therefore more obvious liquidity zones and areas of intent. Remove the guesswork and start making trading decisions you can trust.

3D Traded Volume Visualization

Our crypto trading platform not only lets you see the resting bids and offers but also the execution of market orders with 3D volume bubbles. Watch orders get filled in real-time as the 3D volume visualization increases in size, even before the bar has printed.

Multiple Exchange Connection

Don’t rely on just a single exchange. Get a more in-depth and trusted data feed by combining several exchanges. We support all major brokers including Binance, Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Huobi.

How to Get the Multibook Add-on

Multibook is yours at no additional cost with any paid subscription.

Simply follow the steps below to get started.

Upgrade to a Digital+ Subscription


Upgrade to a Digital+ Subscription

Register online, upgrade your account to a Digital+ subscription, download and install Bookmap, then connect to a compatible crypto exchange.

Install the Crypto Adapters


Install the Crypto Adapters

Crypto adapters allow Bookmap to communicate with your exchange. Select manage connections from the settings menu within Bookmap to connect.

Download the Multibook Add-on


Download the Multibook Add-on

Detailed instructions on how to download the desktop application and install the Multibook add-on can be found here.

Configure the Plugin


Configure the Plugin

We recommend creating your first synthetic instrument with Binance, Bitstamp, Coinbase, and Huobi. Click here for information on how to get started.

Crypto Connectivity

Connect to over 20 crypto exchanges, data vendors, and brokers. Access their data at no additional cost. Check our crypto connectivity guide for further details.

Supported Exchanges

The following crypto exchanges are fully supported by Bookmap:

Pricing and packages crypto

  • MARKET DATA crypto

  • Free Real-time market data access for crypto

  • Backfill data for Crypto (historical data)

  • Real time Futures & Stocks data


  • Heatmap, Volume dots, CVD
    & Volume Profile columns

  • Record / Replay, VWAP, POC

  • One-click trading for Crypto

  • One-click trading for Stocks & Futures

  • LLT, Strength Level, Imbalance, Absorption


  • Supported Crypto currencies exchanges (Free data)

  • Multibook (consolidated order book)

  • Multibook Customizer

  • Maximum # of Trading Symbols
    Viewable at the Same Time


  • Bookmap Basics Webinars With Q&As

  • Advanced Trading Educational Course

  • LIVE Trading Sessions with Pro Traders


    Addons, Market Data and Educational courses (Sold separately)

digital (FREE)


  • For Crypto

  • 1 hour

  • Delayed

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  • 1

  • Compatible with SOME addons

digital PLUS



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  • 3 hours

  • Delayed

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  • 24 hours

  • Data required*

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global plus



Save $240 a year

  • For Stocks, Futures & Crypto

  • 7 days

  • Data required*

  • >20

  • 20

  • Compatible with ALL addons

*Futures & stocks market data fees from third party providers are not included in the price of the Bookmap software subscription

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Trusted By Clients And Trading Experts

Our crypto trading platform and pioneering crypto day trading tools are used by thousands of passionate traders across Europe, USA, Asia, and the rest of the world. We’re committed to providing the very best trading software, educational resources, and community, to help you succeed in the markets.

Get the Multibook Add-on for Free With Our Digital+ Package

Why make day trading crypto more difficult than it needs to be? Stop trading thin, diluted markets and get access to accurate data you can trust. Use the Multibook add-on and our powerful range of indicators for crypto trading to achieve success in the markets:

  • Remove the guesswork and identify actual levels of support and resistance
  • Follow large market participants and algo activity
  • Watch aggressive market buying and selling unfold in real-time

Sign-up to our Digital+ package today and become the consistently profitable trader you want to be.

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Still not sure or have questions?

Just visit our FAQ section

How Many Instruments Can I Combine with Multibook?

Our crypto day trading software lets you choose from over 20 of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world and combine up to 5 instruments into a single Multibook chart.

What Exchanges Are Supported by Multibook?

Multibook supports all major crypto exchanges including Binance, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Huobi, Bitmex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, FTX, Deribit, and more. Click here for the full list of exchanges supported by Multibook.

Can I Trade From the Multibook Chart?

It’s not yet possible to trade directly from the Multibook chart. However, you can open a single instrument in another tab and trade from that chart.

How Much Does Multibook Cost?

The Multibook Add-on is included at no additional cost when you subscribe to our Digital+ package. This is currently available for $19 per month or $195 per year (15% saving).

Is Multibook Available for Mac Users?

Yes! Bookmap fully supports both PC and Mac users.

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