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Bookmap is a high-performance trading platform. Over the last few years, it has set a new standard for accurate realtime & replay visualization of complete market data. Main features of Bookmap are its heatmap visualization of the evolution of market depth (order book), and volume bubbles that show when, where and amount of volume traded with unlimited precision. It allows traders to see actions and intentions of other traders and thus make better trading decisions. Customers include individual traders, proprietary trading firms and hedge funds. Bookmap works with Futures (e.g. CME, Eurex), US stocks, and digital / cryptocurrencies.

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What is Bookmap wiki?


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Why Bookmap?

Order Flow poll.png

Bookmap chart vs other charts

Unlike other Order flow trading platforms, Bookmap visualizes the Order Flow of all orders. It displays not only the flow of aggressive orders (i.e. traded volume), but also passive orders which contribute ~90% of market data and contain most of the activity of large institutional traders, and allows to see how market reacts on large liquidity in market depth [1].

Volume Bubbles.jpg

Is Bookmap profitable?

Exchanges and trading venues in general work in a surprisingly similar way. They don't generate any actions of their own, but rather a platform for interaction between traders. The rules of this interaction are defined by exchanges in the form of Matching Algorithms and the set of available to traders actions is typically pretty simple:

Action Parameters Exchange response
1 Send a new order Buy or Sell, Size, Price Order ID
2 Cancel an order Order ID

Most exchanges (but not all) also allow to modify working orders:

Action Parameters
3 Modify an order Order ID, New size, New price

This and other aspects of trading are described in details in Market Mechanics article, which is a highly recommended background for any trader.

Bookmap is built to provide maximum transparency into the actions and intentions of market participants, limited only by the quality and transparency of the data that exchanges and intermediate data vendors are offering. Traders view Bookmap chart as an HD video with no delay or aggregation. Bookmap neither an an indicator nor a trading strategy. Its purpose is to take 100% of market data and make it easier for traders turn it into useful information, knowledge, and consequently -- trading decisions.

Market depth data typically contributes to ~90% of all market data. Accordingly, ignoring it like most of other charts do would shrink the width of the base of the Data -> Actions pyramid by 90%. This cannot possibly lead to a wider than original top of the pyramid, i.e. to better actions.

Getting started with Bookmap

Bookmap Free

Bookmap Free package is called Bookmap Digital. It doesn’t require any payment details and contains free real-time data of digital- cryptocurrencies from GDAX and other exchanges such as BitMEX, Bitfinex, and OKCoin (planned to be added during July 2018). Also, it contains delayed data of US stocks powered by dxFeed (Devexperts). These data feeds are available 24/7 and let you get an impression of what Bookmap is, and even to trade from the chart using built-in trading simulator.

When traders decide to watch real-time Futures or US stocks, they can upgrade to Bookmap Global package. Global+ package enables trading on a broker account and number of addons. Trading at crypto exchanges requires Bookmap Digital+ package.

as for Apr, 2018 prices for Global is $49/mo and for Global+ $99/mo. Discounts apply for yearly subscriptions or may apply via brokers.

Market data

Bookmap is neither a broker, nor a data vendor. Full market depth data is essential to get most of Bookmap visualization powers especially when looking at the chart with large time and price ranges. It's highly recommended connecting Bookmap directly to data vendors and order management systems (OMS), e.g. Rithmic or CQG, and not via a 3rd party platform (more details here: Bookmap_Performance_FAQ).

Traders who are interested in particular market / instrument / asset / exchange should check which of the supported by Bookmap data vendors provides such connectivity and the quality of it.

Comparison of data sources

Users can compare themselves 2 or more market data feed sources on either large scale or in milliseconds time range. Here is an example: [2].


As of Apr, 2018, only Rithmic provides full market depth for all CME instruments. This is why it's recommended by Bookmap for watching & trading CME Futures.

ESM8.CME@RITHMIC screenshot 20180412 195742 000-003.png

US stocks

For US stocks, Bookmap is connected to dxFeed depth data. It is the only available data source over the internet with institutional level of quality. in Q3, 2018 dxFeed plans to offer real time Futures data of CME, ICE and Eurex.

Digital and Cryptocurrencies

Currently supported connections are GDAX, BitMEX, Bitfinex, and OKCoin.

All data and trading connections

Remarks used in the table:

* Only stocks with market depth data are considered

** Tells which Bookmap license is required from Digital to Global+

*** Connect Bookmap to dxFeed and then to your Interactive Brokers account for trading

**** Internal score based on factors such as latency, data throttling, and synchronization between market depth data with T&S and BBO. Users can compare themselves data quality of multiple data vendors using Bookmap [3].

***** MacOS is not supported with target connection API based on .NET, which is Windows OS dependent

****** Gives access to Bookmap_API for development of custom modules. Stock exchanges have additional requirements for having the access to non-display data.

Connections Futures Stocks* Crypto Data type Minimum License ** Trading Market depth data Data quality score 1-5 **** MacOS ***** Exchanges API access ****** Where can I get the data? Demo data available? Status remarks
Rithmic Yes Real-time Global Yes Full 5 Soon CME, Eurex, ICE, ... Yes From brokers Yes
dxFeed Yes Yes Real-time & Delayed Global Only via IB *** Full 5 Nasdaq, EDGX Pro traders only, Aug 2018 From Bookmap
Cedro Crystal Yes Yes Real-time Global Yes Full 5 BM&F Bovespa (Brazil) Yes From XP broker
S5 Trader Yes Real-time Global Yes 10 levels 4 No CME, Eurex, ICE, ... Yes From Stage 5 Yes
CQG Yes Real-time Global Yes 10 levels except CL 4 CME, Eurex, ICE, ... Yes From brokers Yes
Interactive Brokers Yes Yes Real-time Global Yes 10 levels 2 CME, Eurex, ICE, ... Yes From IB
Gain Yes Real-time Global Yes 10 levels 4 No CME, Eurex, ICE, ... Yes From brokers
IQFeed Yes Real-time Global No 10 levels 3 CME, Eurex, Ice ... Yes From IQFeed Yes
Ninja Trader Yes Real-time Global Yes 10 levels 3 No Continium = CQG Kinetick = IQFeed Yes From NinjaTrader
Transact Yes Real-time Global Yes 10 levels 3 No CME Yes From Transact
X_TRADER(via TT API) Yes Real-time Global Yes 10 levels 4 No CME, Eurex, ICE, Euronext ... Yes From brokers
GDAX Yes Real-time Digital Yes Full 5 GDAX Yes Included
BitMEX Yes Real-time Digital Yes Full 5 BitMEX Yes Included Beta
OKCoin Yes Real-time Digital Yes Full 5 OKCoin Yes Included Alpha
Bitfinex Yes Real-time Digital No 100 levels 5 Bitfinex Yes Included Alpha
Nanotick Yes Historical Global+ Sim Full 5 CME Yes From Nanotick
Bookmap Replay Yes Yes Yes Historical Digital+ Sim Full 5 Any Yes Files recorded by user
Nasdaq TotalView ITCH Yes Historical Global Sim Full 5 Nasdaq Yes 3rd party plain text files Deprecated
Virtual exchange Real-time, simulated Digital Yes Full 5 VE Yes Included Aug 2018


Bookmap allows to trade from the chart and visualizes with with unlimited precision when the orders were placed, modified, canceled, or executed. Users who prefer to trade via other trading platforms can still connect Bookmap to the same account and watch their order as if they were initiated from Bookmap.

Market data and orders can be recorded, allowing to debrief trading sessions later launching Bookmap in Replay mode.

Trading Orders Visualization.png

Bookmap API

Bookmap API.png

Main article: Bookmap API

Bookmap API consists of three layers for different purposes. 1. Layer 0 API allows connecting Bookmap to additional data sources and trading systems. There are two solutions under Layer 0 API: Bookmap Connect solution enable to create adapters that are open to all (e.g. add a new Crypto exchange) and Bookmap Quant solution is for self use, enabling to connect to proprietary data and trading systems. 2. Layer 1 API allows implementation of automatic trading strategies, gives an access to raw market data, and user's trading activity on the chart. 3. Layer 2 API allows drawing of custom indicators and controlling the chart rendering.

Bookmap for MacOS

Bookmap for MacOS is in development. The 'alpha' version is available here: [4].

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