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Bookmap Release Notes Versions and Builds

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Bookmap 7.0 build 80
! Description
| 881895
| Fixed
| Bug
| Ninja IQFeed data provider: the symbol mapper was updated. |-| 2669| Fixed| Bug| The heatmap color schemes are not saving when the "CT" branding using.|-| 894| Fixed| Bug| Gdax data provider: crash when trying to place orders on some instruments.|-| 875| Fixed| Bug| Crypto data providers: the floating-point multipliers were added for values on the "TCP" panel. |-| 893| Fixed| Bug| Sometimes the "Lock crosshair" function is not active.|-| 2572| Fixed| Bug| Okex data provider: incorrect tick size for the price. |-| 865| Fixed| Bug| Gdax data provider: crash when using the "Customize size" function on the "TCP" panel.
===Bookmap 7.0 build 79===

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