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* [[Bookmap API]]
* [[Iceberg Orders Tracker]]
== Linux compatibility ==
Certain versions - definitely can emulated on UNIX systems by WINE, we checked that.
'''This is a very early experimental version. There might be quite a few issues that are not yet detected. Feel free to let us know if you find something.'''
===Experimental version limitations===
* While .NET is still required, actual .NET adapters usage will lead to a silent crash. This relates to S5, NinjaTrader, TT, and Transact. NinjaTrader connection is the most tricky one as it will start automatically as long as it's enabled by license.
* Some popup window might be displayed below the main window if you switch to other application and back. Alt+Tab usually helps to bring the window back.
* [[Offline activation]] will not work (online activation will)
# (From Bookmap support side) Make sure your license has NinjaTrader disabled. Disabling the other 3 .NET adapters is recommended, but not mandatory.
# Install 64 bit Wine software.
# Make sure you don't have Wine mono installed. If you do - remove it with wine64 uninstaller -remove '{E45D8920-A758-4088-B6C6-31DBB276992E}' Failing to do so will result in .NET installer complaining about already being installed during the next step. Bookmap will not work with Mono.
# Make sure you have .NET 4 installed under Wine. If you don't - download an installer from Microsoft and run it. It's best to use an offline version, just run it under Wine.
# Install Bookmap. Just run the installer under Wine.
# Run Bookmap. You should be able to run replay and connect to most adapters now. Java-only adapters (CQG, Cedro, DxFeed, Random) should work the best, but in theory most adapters should work.
You can [ download this version of Bookmap for Linux here].
== Useful links ==

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